Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Team Supreme: V/A - Team Supreme Vol. 40

I didn't even mean to beat around the bush or mince words with yesterday's post - if you're not following the realm of Team Supreme, you're doing an injustice not just to your cochleae, but to all of the muscles and tendons that comprise whichever parts of your body that you wiggle in time to music.

Loaded up around seven of them that I hadn't heard yet to accompany my commute and leisure travel the past few days, and hoo boy if I didn't pull some faces along the way. Have to give them a shout out as a matter of principle on that basis alone.

Here's the latest, vol. 40, this time the familiars are steered by LA's Kenny Segal.

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  1. This is brilliant man, you were right yesterday, I really do have to follow Team Supreme.


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