Sunday, January 6, 2013

Constrobuz - 8-bit

Two chiptune related posts back to back, I know, I know.

Everyone's favorite grumpy internet denizen Constrobuz runs wild with a retro gaming soundtrack theme, tying it all in with his own particular brand of instrumentals that we know and love.

Even if you can't stand the square wave onslaught that render most chiptune artists unlistenable, you should still give this album a listen through. It's available for any price you choose courtesy of the man himself and


  1. I really love the 8 bit sounds since it reminds me of my gaming days and the games in years before that so this is a real winner for my already, thanks for sharing Mike.

  2. I'm really surprised 8-bit hasn't taken off like trap or dubstep. Too good!

  3. There's a few tracks that really stood out for me, but the album gets an overall regular sweet 8-bit thing that I can only listen to once in a while. Really really digging the gems though.


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