Thursday, August 30, 2012

Groundislava - Feel Me

Dang, the last time I mentioned Groundislava on this site was April of 2011, what is wrong with me?

For most people, slapping the words "melancholy" and "hip hop" together usually just brings to mind the last time they heard Pac's "Changes" or "something something Lil B", but the unquantized introspection that the LA / FoF / WeDidIt can muster is in a league all of its own, a daylight equivalent to the moodiness that usually can only be achieved in a South London Borough after dusk.

Groundislava is back with Feel Me, titled in such a way that you might think that you have a choice of whether or not to absorb these emotions. You don't.

Previews are below, and available via Alphapup's youtube channel, however this is one of those albums that I strongly insist that you purchase if you enjoy it (here's a link to the Beatport), as music such as this deserves a place in any music collection.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Baauer - Slowed Frenzy Mix

Baauer has proven himself again and again to be much more than just another name in the changing trends and tastes of electronic music, first by creating breathtaking warehouse shaking tunes that had a similar formula to other artists (albeit with a hefty dose of magic dust and talent thrown in), giving away said music for free, and then moving on to split more skulls wide open with his track selection and embarking on a US/European tour starting in Sept.

You've already heard his mix for a certain "funky" blog, so allow Mr. Baauer to prove his prowess and persistence with this mix for the Scion Sessions ranks, including his signature sound mixed in with plenty of surprises:

100% free to download and rinse out on the loudest speakers you can find, but won't be around for forever (bandwidth ain't free)!

Special thanks to Rönin for the heads up on this one.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Kings - Trend Setter EP

The album art wouldn't be out of place on the side of an energy drink can, but don't let that fool you, Trend Setter is an impossibly smooth collection of UKHH instrumentals around.

All these crispy drums and purple tinges, this one is going on the hard drive and in the car for twilight canyon cruising. 

Grab it via the official d/l here or over on the bandcamp landing page.

Friday, August 24, 2012


Awwwright, time for some Swiss beats! No, not Swizz Beats, actual beats and rhymes from the canton folk themselves: starring Big O & M, together known better as ▲NΞMONΞN ΞNTΞRT▲INMΞNT.

Listening all the way through rewards you with tasty little audio gems, some of which I only caught upon listening to it a second time through. Completely free as well, by the way. No complaints there.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Moods - Break Out EP

A glass of cognac, a bubblebath, a jar of jellybeans and Break Out EP flowing out of the speakers would probably relax you to the point that you become one with the bubbles.

I don't usually do this, but I absolutely love the little note that he left on his bandcamp page for this album, detailing his inspiration and nomenclature:
The reason why it's called "Break Out"? I always try to experience new things in life to avoid getting stuck in the same daily pattern, breaking out of that barrier, try to see and discover as much as possible as long as I'm here.. Wherever I go I'm making sure I have my field recorder with me. That is what you hear in all the intro's. Every beat has got a moment I experienced. I thought that was an interesting concept to blend into this EP to make it more personal.
Enjoy the EP, Moods
Hear, hear.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Chesslo Junior - Graphic Description

I guess since the title sets me up to go into Graphic Description, I have to be extra flowery with my recommendation language...

Instead, I'll just mention that this is album from the ever-sedulous Chesslo Junior is a nice little mix of some of the smoothest grooves and jump-around fast BPM madness I've heard in 2012, all neatly packaged and set to be released by WotNot in vinyl and digital format sometime in the (hopefully near) future.

That's it, aside from this savory album teaser, which I challenge you to listen to while trying to sit still:

Super big shouts out to Oli for bringing this one to my attention. Thanks!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Electronic Explorations: V/A - EE Compilation

Sometimes, you get what you pay for. Sometimes you don't. Sometimes you donate a small amount of money and get buried under an avalanche of music. This self-titled EE Compilation just so happens to fall under that last category, ₤5 for 60 tracks, to be more specific.

It doesn't end there, oh no. Normally compilations give you an opportunity to explore new artists and sounds, however this one is jam packed with a wide range of unreleased tunes from artists we know and love, some of whom I haven't seen releases from in so long I wasn't sure if they still produced music.

Electronic Explorations has been a podcast that has never left my rotation, so it's a donation to a worthwhile cause all-the-while filling your anxious little ear holes. The entire album is available via the EE bandcamp page.

The embed player only shows track titles in the list, so I'll copy/paste the full tracklist after the jump:

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Doshy - Electrophilic EP

I think myself and everyone who reads this blog on a regular basis can definitely relate to the idea of being Electrophilic. In the scientific sense, I like the idea of having positive charge. In the musical sense, being drawn to all things electric has become a bit of a lifestyle for me.  Not that there isn't a special spot in my heart for acoustics, but the sheer power and possibility of electricity still triggers a caveman-esque reaction within me.

Moving on... Doshy and Lowriders have cooked up something special, an all-electric tribute to audible wavelengths for LRC's tenth official release. The details are often the best parts of albums like this, so even though this is technically a "dance" album, keep those ears sharp. Stagga, D-Styles, Monky, and Coco Bryce all make cameos!

Preview below, see the full press release over on LRC's site. There's a whole host of merch and the vinyl/digital editions over on the bandcamp landing page as well.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Electric Egypt - Exotica

It's not every day that I can listen to the first couple moments of an album and already be simultaneously scrambling for my wallet and my blogger bookmark. Many thanks to the lovely Kae for bringing this album to my attention!

Australian producer Electric Egypt floats us into an audible ayahuasca journey, deep into the most humid regions of ancient civilizations that have yet to exist with Exotica, an album that you just kinda have to sit down and listen to.

Vocal appearances from LaNote and Jonti are the lush icing on this tropical cake. Preview below, and then drift on over to Electric Egypt's bandcamp landing page.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

813 - Blend / "Quantum Outfit"

Moscow producer Eight One Three launched out across the globe to South London's own 92 Points to release Blend, which shuffled its way into my heart with its refined wonky sensibilities.

Om Unit joins in on the fun for the final track, his remix of "Erotica", taking an 80s sweat-drip and wringing it out over a warehouse head nod.

Here are some previews, as well as his latest free d/l tune from his soundcloud, "Quantum Outfit". Blend is available where fine vinyl is sold as well as online via Boomkat.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Strong and Tough Audio: V/A - Summer Solstice Compilation

We're still deep into the hot and sweatiest parts of summer, so I don't feel too out of place posting this Summer Solstice Compilation from the fine folks down south at LA's Strong & Tough Audio.

Filling out the lineup are their own crew plus representation from Saturate and Alpha Pup, a dash of deep, a dab of darkness, a little funk, and some well needed experimental bass music in the era when the word "trap" is starting to already become a dirty word in the soundcloud avalanches that welcome me in my inbox every morning.

There is something for everyone in this, and it's completely free. Support your favorites by funding their individual efforts.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Soulular - Thoughts Float

Not sure where this gem from LA producer Soulular has been hiding from me thus far, but better late than severed, or something like that.

Eight free tracks on this one, each wrangling with its own grasp on downtempo, dubby beats.  Even some jazzy lounge music, the occasional female vocal sample and a sitar thrown in for good measure.

Preview it all below, meander over to the bandcamp landing page to download Thoughts Float free of charge. Hit him up on twitter to say thanks!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Finest Ego: Sekuoia / Rain Dog - Faces 12" Series Vol. 3

Two of the finest peddlers of audible contemplation team up to present the third installment of Finest Ego's Faces series, an organically infused and serendipitous listening experience. You'll need a free hour or so, as well as a saw to break the tether on your mind.

Available in vinyl and digital formats. Preview below:

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Far From Moscow: V/A - Rain / Shine


If you're unfamiliar with the UCLA Far From Moscow project, the brief rundown is that they put together compilations that cross all borders of genre and taste, so it's essentially a musical passport / crash course into to the Slavic region's audio antics.

Their releases can be pretty time-consuming to get all the way through (almost sixty tracks on these two alone), but is worth loading up for a road trip simply for the culture clues you gain by listening to the individual expressions from the Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Latvian, Estonian, and Lithuanian artists gathered together.

Interested? Well then you probably will enjoy the fact that they're entirely free of charge, as well. Preview them below, grab them on the FFM official bandcamp page.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

---> San Francisco Bay Area!

Well, my furniture has arrived, the internet is set up -- I'd say I'm just about settled enough to start posting from my new little hive up in the Bay Area.

There are like two different seasons here, winter in the morning, and summer in the afternoon. Couple that with the inclines and sharp drop offs, and my daily walks / runs just turned into hikes. 

Speaking of which, this is literally my new backyard:

Accessed by a short walk through trails in this field:

There's also a shady tree that lets you overlook the bridge and the other side of the straight, as well as some massive electrical pylons:

I tweeted some of these last night, but they're much better quality here (click on them for full resolution). I decided to head back around sunset to grab a couple arty farty pictures, and a cine. They look decent but the wind is absolutely howling with Pacific Ocean levels of coldness, I'll have to grab a jacket when I head back tonight:

Created with

Alright, that's it for now, music will be flooding in shortly!