Saturday, June 30, 2012

Grillin' Records: V/A - GN'001 - Grillin' 10 Years Compilation

A nice big chunk of Scandinavian audio goodness from Grillin' Records, featuring 27 tunes for any price you're prepared to offer.

Genres are varied, obviously, but include skweee with a chiptune zest and UK-funky flares, and some Finnish rap thrown in because why not? Wholesome, all in all.

Grab it over on the landing page, preview it down below:

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Lamborghini - Crushed

Although the familiar brand Lamborghini may conjure images of speed in your head, but don't let the name fool you, this Detroit producer has smooth cruising intended from the start to finish of Crushed.

Grab it for no cost at all over at his bandcamp landing page.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Jetsam - "Eden"

In response to all the smoothness requests I've recently gotten, here's a little ditty from Glaswegian producer Jetsam that ought to even out any roughness in the beginning of your week.

It's fresh, it's treacle, it's name your price. Preview below and grab it over on the bandcamp landing page.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Khan Kurra - World View EP

Fluorescent Records delivers another tasty morsel of budget-friendly goodness, this time staying close to home with Floridian Khan Kurra's latest release World View, a six-track EP.

Mister Kurra joins XXYYXX high in the ranks of the spacious beat scene spreading throughout the East Coast, blending organic and digitally twisted melodies into a pool of reverb and vibes.

Preview it below, and grab it for no charge over at FR's bandcamp landing page.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Space Ghost - You're There

If you wave your hand side to side in front of your face for a little while, you might be able to clear off some of the haze coming off of this one, an absolute smasher of an album from the fine folks over at Astro Nautico.

2012 is an amazing year, don't let anyone tell you otherwise.


P.S. Thanks to the readers who filled my inbox with love over this past month (even when I wasn't posting 8 times a day), you guys are the best! Keep supporting the producers/artists/creatives.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Fitzroy North - AM Pear / White Paint

The latest from Australian upstart Tiburoni is a 6-track single from Barcelona's fanciest crustacean Fitzroy North featuring two tracks of his own accord pressed into glorious vinyl in addition to remixes from Digi, RPG-H8R and Niño.

The discs are in a limited run of 100 copies, so there should be enough for you if you get your order in soon-ish.

710 Records: V/A - Compilation Vol. 1

I was pretty sure I could feel the ground around me shaking as this one approached, as early as yesterday morning, even.

The sub frequency riders over at 710 Records have carried on the deliciously nasty tradition set forth by their sister label Stylss, and have released more bass music at one time that can possibly be digested in one sitting, so you'll probably want to strap this one to an mp3 device or some sort of sound wave manipulator and bring this one along for the commute.

Thankfully, it's super easy to do that, and you can get it in all of the great quality files that bandcamp provides, for any price you feel like paying, including free.

Again, it's 38 tracks. That's three-eight.


Monday, June 18, 2012

Lorn - Ask The Dust

This year is really flying by - we're halfway through 2012 already in the blink of an eye. I know this for a fact because I remember wondering how I was going to manage with only the clips of Ask The Dust for the entire 6 months before its release.

Thankfully, old age and a busy lifestyle have come in handy for a change and the clocks have sped up to today: Ninja Tune have released the floodgates.

Not even sure where to start with this one, I'm still getting over the constant catharsis I feel on each track when it plays start to finish in high quality. A nice, dark room with comfy seating and crisp speakers will be the next round of playback experience, maybe my star projector needs to make an appearance?

(If you click on the "playlist" tab on the player above, you can access the track listing and its associated previews.

Also, check out Lorn's music video for "Ghosst(s)" here.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Metske - "Spin States" [video]

Nottingham label Wigflex is releasing some local flavor from Metaphi/Metske in their sixth announced release, catalog WIG006. To build up some tension, one of the tracks "Spin States" has been given a video makeover courtesy of Lewis Hackett / Prefix Studios.

I'm not sure what it is that makes me delve into nostalgic retro vibes on the weekends, that's just the way it is.

No release date that I can detect just yet, will shout on twitter when I find out.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Inverse Phase - Pretty Eight Machine

I can't believe it's been 23 years since Nine Inch Nails' album Pretty Hate Machine was released... mostly due to the fact I was learning to walk and talk at the time, but NIN's catalog feels timeless enough in my eyes.

Indeed, you've probably figured out by now that Pretty Eight Machine is the first in a long line of glorious chiptune puns, as well as being the title of the 8-bit rendition of NIN's classic album.

Using a collection of "SID/6581 (Commodore 64), POKEY (Atari 800), straight 2A03 (NES), AY/SCC+ (MSX+Metal Gear 2 or Snatcher cartridge), SN76489 (Sega Master System), 2A03+VRC6 (Famicom+Castlevania 3 cartridge), LR35902 (Game Boy), and OPLL (MSX-MUSIC or Japanese Sega Master System)" and what I can only imagine is a ton of hard work to re-imagine an album like this in much more limiting wave forms.

Available in digital and CD-ROM formats via IP's bandcamp landing page.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Azealia Banks - Aquababe [prod. Machinedrum]

Azealia Banks {vocals} +  Machinedrum {remix of}, EPROM {original}... tic tac toe, here we go, etc.

Might as well grab the free download while you can, as well!

Thanks OllieScott!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

devonwho - Perfect Strangers Vol. 1

Artwork by Patti Miller
There isn't a more ideal time for the latest installment in Portland/LA beat brewer devonwho's repertoire: a bright, upbeat, summery set of tunes for your next encounter with strangers, perfect or otherwise.

Out now via bandcamp.

Sole Glow Collective: V/A - Compilation Volume 1

The 1st birthday celebration of the global Sole Glow Collective comes to us in the form of a 26-track compilation featuring Ta-Ku, Deku, Roughsoul, and a variety of others, at any price you're willing to pay.

Preview below, head on over to their bandcamp page for download info.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Digi G'Alessio - The Purple Book

You know I wouldn't sleep on this one... our favorite Italian Digi is back with another full length release, sonically dynamic but essentially centering around tunes that make your booty shake.

The Purple Book is the chromatic follow up to last January's Yellow and the follow up Brown Book, when we complete the series, we can play them all at the same time to try and create a white book! I doubt that would work, but that would be an awesome idea.

Timestamp for minimix:

1. intro (0:52)
2. youuuuuuuuuu (1:56)
3. where were youuuuuuuuuu in '83 (1:08)
4. jabba e la mosca (0:45)
5. vhs porno school (1:31)
6. wolf the legend (1:52)
7. tales from the far west (guns n horses) (2:30)
8. kofta moment (1:57)
9. nibirians (1:00)
10. malossi entertainment (2:02)
11. a.r.p. (1:07)
12. jingle mi (1:34)
13. spliffs under a too hot sun (1:40)
14. me myself and youuuuuuuuuu (3:25)

Out this weekend on Caoutchou Records!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Holy Other - "Love Some1"

Big news from Holy Other: his first full-length release after his debut EP entitled Held, out August 28th on the one and only Tri-Angle Records.

Catharsis for a lonely evening, perhaps? The teaser track "Love Some1" is a swirling mass of comforting darkness, definitely one for the night tracks crowd.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

SimiliarObjects - Shift Frequency EP

Makati City... not exactly the first thought when it comes to beat scenes, however Darker Than Wax has set out to offer you a crash course, via Shift Frequency from producer Jorge Juan Wieneke V, aka SimilarObjects.

Six tracks clocking in at around 16 minutes, preview below and head on over to DTW's bancamp landing page for ordering instructions.

P Villa - Volacious

The first update on BGN's bandcamp in almost a year (since the Eat More compilation last October, which debuted heRobust's "Coma Toast"), and it's a whopper of an album from Georgian producer P Villa.

Smooth and dense space shuttle tunes, aside from the fact that this album invites us to remember that we need to use Volacious more often in our daily vocabulary, and this is a great way to start.

Name your price here, find more P Villa over at his bandcamp.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sub Radar Radio 017: Guyus / Phrex

Kicking off the second season of Sub Radar Radio just in time for everyone in the Northern Hemisphere's turn to head outside and enjoy the sun's scorching blaze amidst dancing and beverages (or "summer"), episode 17 courtesy of my two favorite Swiss DJs, Guyus and Phrex.

Vinyl, house, bass, summer. Uploaded a 320kbps mp3, Mixcloud will probably stream at 128kbps, but the live vinyl-to-wav is available! Email me for details.


1. nicolas jaar - nico's feelin good
2. silicone soul - alive from the opium den
3. skudge - realtime (october & appleblim's bristol version)
4. kassem mosse - enoha
5. martyn - miniluv
6. zomby - tarantula
7. doubleheart - salsa
8. ill blu - dragon pop
9. digital mystikz - pathwayz (doc daneeka remix)
10. mickey pearce - i am
11. doc daneeka & benjamin damage - creeper
12. roska & untold - long range
13. lv & joshua idehen - talk talk
14. musical mob - pulse x
15. mike q - the ha dub rewerk'd
16. jack dixon & robin card - leave (james fox remix)
17. burial - untrue

Find more Guyus and Phrex below:!/guyus_

Monday, June 4, 2012

Clams Casino - Instrumental Mixtape 2

Clams Casino
Instrumental Mixtape 2
Download / Via

New Jersey producer Clams Casino has made some serious leaps and bounds in this past year alone, yet continues to slide his prized instrumentals out, at no cost to you or anyone.

Formatted things a little differently this time, source included for archival purposes.

Tracklist [Original Vocals]:

01 Palace [A$AP Rocky]
02 Wassup [A$AP Rocky]
03 Bass [A$AP Rocky]
04 The Fall (original mix) [The Weeknd]
05 Human [Unreleased]
06 One Last Thing [Mac Miller]
07 Amor Fati (remix) [Washed Out]
08 Angels [Mac Miller]
09 Leaf [A$AP Rocky ft. Main Attrakionz]
10 Kissing on My Syrup [Squadda B]
11 Swervin' (remix) [XV]
12 Unchain Me [Lil B]
13 Born to Die (remix) [Lana Del Rey]
14 I'm God [Lil B]

Friday, June 1, 2012

Munis - Gedankenexperiment

At this point I can just mention that the latest from Saturate Records is here and the rest of the post should fall into place...

Munis is the latest holder of the Italian beatmaker spotlight around these parts, and offers forth Gedankenexperiment, which surprisingly enough is not a Dragon Ball Z special move nor an expensive Turkish candy, but a jazzed out wonky electronic exploration in thirteen parts, including remixes from Subp Yao, oneone, Dnte and a few other friends.

Out now via Saturate's bandcamp landing page for any price you choose.