Thursday, May 31, 2012

Deft - Clotting EP

More goodness from Croydon producer Deft, with a fittingly adroit EP entitled Clotting, featuring two of his original productions alongside six remixers, including Soosh, Chesslo Junior, and Fybe:One, so the mixes are a grab bag of bass rollers, 4x4, and general wonkiness. Perfect, in other words.

Clotting EP is out next Monday [June 4th] on WotNot Music.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

5Y5 - (​(​(​QS​/​VS5​)​)​)

If you're unfamiliar with 5Y5, I suggest you get caught up here, but the tl;dr of that post is that it's a Digi and UXO collab.

For (​(​(​QS​/​VS5​)​)​), the subs have turned into humidifiers, and the styles have turned into rolling, tropical, sultry shakers... I could explain further but you're probably already halfway done with your coconut cooler and have already pressed play by now.

Out now for free over on Queen Spectra Records' bandcamp landing page.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Submerse - "Tears"

The latest sneak peek from Project Mooncircle consists of news from Tokyo based producerSubmerse: unveiling the title track off of his upcoming EP Tears.

Staccato, drippy-roof drums, spaced synths and embracing bass are what to expect, more of the lush goodness to come when the full album releases on the 29th of June.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Blawan - BSR05

Brand new release from the man who made me interested in techno for the first time in the longest time: the one and only Blawan.

A brief, four track EP on vinyl only via the German label Black Sun Records, which has sold out in every online store that I've checked thus far, within 12 hours (updates will come as I get them). The lack of availability only makes me want it that much more.

Keep your eyes on Juno and Clone Records, hopefully a restock will follow shortly. If you see it in your local shop, buy it and send me an email and I will make you an offer.

Preview the only current available track from the album "Breathe Them Knees In" below:

(Switch to 720p for optimal listening conditions)

and also this tune of his, just because I said so:

Also, his 65 minute Boiler Room set, so you can feel it in its element.

Stumbleine - Ghosting

The latest from Bristolian dream-scientist Stumbleine just so happens to be Ghosting, but he doesn't mention which definition of ghosting, so we're left to our own imaginative devices on that one.

One thing that the majority of the definitions have in common, however, is distortion. Shrouded, blurry, beautiful distortion. So, it doesn't really matter which definition you end up applying as you listen, you'll probably be correct. A shoegazing triumph, best applied liberally to your cavum conchae at night with a patient mindset ready to sink in deep.

Out June 22.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Levon Zoltar - Fabulous Babylon EP

I was driving around when I suddenly saw an album called "Fabulous Baby" pop up on the music display / chromium holodeck. "Fabulous Baby...?" I wondered audibly to myself. I have plenty of bizarre album titles in my collection, but I was still left scratching my head.

Needless to say, the album in question is not named after a stylish infant, but after the pop culture nightmare that we live and breath in every day, Fabulous Babylon by Finnish producer Levon Zoltar. Yes, and it's Sunday, so you already know... Skweeekends! Dub-skweee!

Less boring anecdotes, more music coming up shortly. Grab Fab Baby in solid 12" format via Record Shop X, and the digital version through the bandcamp landing page.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Condensed Milk: V/A - Dusty Milk Crates Vol. 1

Kids these days and their digital music boxes and iPhone jammies and fiddly winks don't know what they're missing - there is something so warm and comforting about being in a real live record store, holding a format of music that actually has enough surface area to display album art properly.

The cornerstone of that experience is the milk crate, bonus points for each layer of dust on top of it. The more dust you see, the more likely you are to find some serious hidden gems buried amongst layers of musical dreams that may have never reached fruition.

So now that you're set up and primed properly: here's Dusty Milk Crates Vol. 1, a compilation from the fine folks over at Condensed Milk that seeks to capture the vibes of vinyl shops and times not-so-forgotten. Ta-Ku, K-Saba, Willy Sunshine and a few other friends have come together to bring you into the Euro-Australian-Ohioan interpretation of the dankness of your local shop, all from the comfort of your computer viewing station. For free!

Bearcatcher - Bearcatcher EP

Glaswegian producer Ewan Danks is doing his best to shy away from any particular category with his self-titled EP Bearcatcher, opting instead for an audio menagerie of experiences ranging from the soundtrack to a balloon lost in the wind, to something quite different but equally strangely poetic, such as a tumultuous tumble in the tundra. My point is that dynamic juxtapositions are in store. Okay fine, it's ambient, house-ish, and a little funky indie thrown in for good measure.

The album is yours for the downloading, at any cost that you're prepared to pay, including free.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Lorn - "Ghosst(s)" [Video]

These long, arduous months that I have sat waiting for the latest Lorn album Ask the Dust  to be released on Ninja Tune have been... well, synonyms of long and arduous.

So I'm not sure if this latest teaser video is a good thing or a bad thing. Or a great thing. Yeah, let's go with that. Although I'll admit it wouldn't be my first choice for a teaser (based on the previews), ranking tunes on an album such as this would be just plain futile.

Director/animator CRCR brings "Ghosst(s)" to life (or should I say death?) with this display of a morbidly morphing man... the perfect accompaniment for the somber yet engrossing sounds of Lorn's latest effort.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Kae - Quattro

Fair warning: prepare your jazzy heartstrings to be pluck'd.

London based producer fLako's Leftovers might be approaching their fourth year since production, however that doesn't prevent them from sounding as fresh as the day they were click-clack-bapped into existence by the London based producer.

Fast forwarding a little bit, we find ourselves presented with Kae (Yasmine Bey) and her sultry-timbre honey voice in Quattro, a four track EP drummed up out of a flash of inspiration from fLako's nearly half-decade old tunes.

Creativity breeding creativity, resulting in one of the best match ups of 2012. Available for free download via this official mediafire link.

Bluesteady Triptik: V/A - We Dig

Viva beatmaker Italiani! Bluesteady Triptik / HHabitat Records have unleashed a motherlode of gems straight from the heart of lo stivale, arriving directly at your earlobes courtesy of modern technology.

Digi, Colossius, 70NI, and twenty-eight others join forces for this compilation, and it's the best kind of price - completely free. So as payment you can share this with anyone who enjoys soulful modern European music, which should be anyone and everyone you encounter today.

Preview below, and use the official mediafire link to grab your own copy.

Sunday Morning - "Summer Please Come Soon"

If you closed your eyes and didn't read this blurb about "Summer Please Come Soon" from the Heatwave EP by Saint Petersburg dweller Sunday Morning, you may have mistaken it as the sweat-addled addition to mixtape from Fort Lauderdale in the 70's, not exactly your traditional Slavic grooves. is no fun if not for defying expectations, so Heatwave is a welcome amalgamation of Russian distort-disco in this nook of the interwebs.

"Summer Please Come Soon", if only so we can slap this free mix-tacular single/album into our boom boxes and join the speedo dance party.

Raez - Prince of Persia

Portuguese producer Raez's latest effort Prince of Persia conjures thoughts of emotions not of the fancy PS2 game / Jake Gyllelellenhall movie... more akin to the floppy disk'n, childhood-rocking, 1989 Apple II / MS-DOS 8-bit adventures of yore.

Indeed, it is quite "rug"-ged (check out the album artwork, lest you miss that wonderful pun just now, heh).

Brought to you at any price you choose by the fine Portuguese purveyors of modern wonky wonder-tunes, Monster Jinx.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Jazzo & Melodiesinfonie - Wasser EP

Soulection brings its usual healthy jazzy soundbites to the dinner table with the latest from Swiss duo Jazzo & Melodiesinfonie... and I do mean jazzy in almost every varietal sense: smooth, experimental, and full of surprises.

A dash of wonk here, a smidge of finger snapping there, and a healthy dose of soul, and maybe some trap-rap tastefully intertwined within. (Points to whoever can name the sample in "Verschmutztes Wasser").

So fill your cup up with some wasser, or German water as I like to call it, which is cheaper than the real thing... that is to say, any price you choose to support them with. Let it flow!

Daniel Savio - Daniel Savio

It is upon us: the album from one of the patron saints of skweee, Daniel Savio, making no bones about who made this album in all of its meta self-titled glory.

Exemplary is an understatement, let's not forget that this is the man who coined the term skweee in the first place. The Swedish legend himself, on the Norwegian label Død Pop, with audio mastering done by a team of Finns... this album literally has velvety metallic Scandinavian goodness leaking from its funk-pores.

The album comes in digital version, as well as beautiful 180g black vinyl, and the even more spectacular combo of digital + vinyl + t-shirt, all available through bandcamp. I'm sure it won't take you more than one guess as to which one I'll be grabbing.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Dark Tantrums - "The Growler"

Alright, now that we have our soothing Monday relaxation out of the way, what about some chest crushing bassweight from London producer Dark Tantrums?

This tune is more than enough to drag the darkness right out of you, and if that's simply not enough, Kromestar's "Noiz" is on the flip. Your subwoofer will more than likely defenestrate itself, so consider yourself forewarned. No sub? Go find one... try and catch it live at your local warehouse, knock twice and tell 'em "Skuds Larry" sent you.

Out now on Origin Audio, scoop it over at Juno or Boomkat, vinyl edition available via Catapult.

ambinate - "Divide"

Jersey producer ambinate stretches his chilled reach with his latest effort: Horizon EP, from which "Divide" is the perfect vibe to massage all of that Monday out of your battered brain (bathtub and candles not included).

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Stephen Farris - Cosmic Sound II

Slight Sunday throwback:

Houston producer/visual artist Stephen Farris composed this amazingly retro synth-tacular visual feast entitled Cosmic Sound II, an hour-long nostalgic reverie interwoven with ambience, psychedelia, tape distortion and general 80s/90s analog wonderment, released on the only appropriate format: VHS.

Fans of Boards of Canada, Com Truise, Miami Nights 1984, TV Carnage, etc., this one's for you.

Preview the full album below, and hit the jump break to preview the first ten minutes or so of the kaleidoscopic masterpiece. Order your own VHS copy of CSII via Mr. Farris' bandcamp page.

Face Melt Chicago: V/A - Chi-Sound IV.

How do you define a city like Chicago, Illinois? By its breathtaking skyline? The trade center of the midwest? Pizza as thick as your forearm? The ear-splittingly cold winters?  Please, don't say "da Bears"...

Okay, how about musically? Sufjan Stevens' dedication comes fairly close, but it's equally as hard (if not impossible) to nutshell it. Even in the narrower field of beat production, Face Melt and Ground Lift Media have set themselves up with the mountain of a task of trying to wrap up the Windy City's beat scene in its ongoing series Chi-Sound. We join there efforts here in the fourth installment, featuring Maker, Leo123 and a few other new friends who set us up with a free selection of varying Chicago grooves.

The rest of the series can be found on FM's bandcamp page, and if you download this free album, you automatically gain admission to the live display at the SubT Lounge this Friday, May 25th. I repeat: you can download something for free, in order to get more free things. The first one you don't even have to leave your couch for:

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Blessy - M∆N¥W∆¥Z•EP

Some of the most interesting releases of 2012 thus far have been "scraps" albums: bits and pieces rescued from the depths of producers' bogged down hard drives, uploaded and shared with the world rather than permanently sent to binary oblivion (e.g. Ta-ku's Dusty series and Boombaptist's Lost Files, among others).

Today it's time for the Palermo protagonist Blessy to enter into the mix this fine May weekend with his M∆N¥W∆¥Z•EP, brief but tasty little morsel of hidden goodness that seeks to venture out from cyberspace and find its own little corner of your HDD, free of charge.

Moon Is Half Records: V/A - Moon Is Half Records EP

I'm not quite sure if the term "records" here is used as a descriptor for their imprint name, or if they're implying that the celestial body that controls our tides is indeed 50% composed of vinyl (which would be fantastic), but let's not get wrapped up in semantics.

The brand new Humboldt, California label has just released its self-titled debut into the compilation game, and they certainly picked their hand well: Prof.Logik, NosmoKing, The Arkyve, db., and several others put together for a fantastically downtempo and lightly experimental voyage.

The album is available completely free of charge to preview and download, either via the bandcamp landing page or via this mediafire link that MIHR has provided. Full tracklist after the player/jump:

Friday, May 18, 2012

KRSUR - Wayfarer EP

The album art is a space raccoon wearing a headdress, do you really need me to tell you anything more about this release? Yes? Very well...

Dutch producer and fellow electronic music Progressor KRSUR has just uploaded the preview of his forthcoming Myor release onto soundcloud, a 7" single with an ELOQ remix on the flip. As per the usual fare of Coco Bryce's imprint, this one is indeed drizzled in plenty of funk sauce, which is way more appealing than it sounds. And it sounds delicious.

I'll update this page with more information as it comes.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Planet Soap - VELVET HE1

Cascade Records presents the latest installment in their 12" vinyl series, this time from the squeaky clean duo Federico Monguzzi and Luca De Giuli, aka Planet Soap.

They draw on a wide variety of influences both old and new for this release, but the majority of them are fairly dark and moody, and often quite expansive... the kind of bleak ambiance that make you reach for your platforms and leather garb, even if you don't own any.

If you can avert your eyes from the soul-gazing pareidolia on the cover, the vinyl and various other treats are available for order via Cascade's bancamp.

Baauer - Harlem Shake

"Harlem Shake" from Brooklyn boss Baauer has been moving and shaking ears and legs since it took most mixes by storm this past month (notably Rustie's scorching BBC Radio1 Essential Mix), and it has now been officially released courtesy of Mad Decent's adjunct Jeffree's.

Shattering expectations and perplexing frail minds like my own, this release is 100% free. No complaints here, but... wow.

Download it via the official mediafire link, or through the soundcloud player below:

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Fantastic Mr Fox - "Speak Nuh"

I can already feel the sweat beading up on my forehead from this one, and I've only just started to fully enjoy it.

Black Acre Records and Fantastic Mr Fox (the producer, not the amazing Roald Dahl book and subsequent film, although I can't wait to see what the confused google search traffic looks like on this post) have just released the first snippet of the forthcoming San'en EP early next month, a funky little number entitled "Speak Nuh".

The first minute and a quarter is fairly subdued (as you can probably discern from the waveform), but when the bass comes in, it sticks to you like a humid summer night in Havana.

Grizzler - Cubs

The grinning eel folk over at Tiburoni have returned once more, to extend an invitation to you to climb onto the anthropomorphized shoulder of London producer Grizzler, while he drifts through the vast expanse of space and time serenading you with his oddly depth-perceived keyboard, leaving swaths of sharp funk in his wake.

I don't know a single person in this world that has a valid excuse for declining that offer. Also available in nifty Compact Disc form via their bandcamp. Includes remixes from Levon Zoltar and our ever-prolific Italian friend Digi G'Alessio.

I'm finding it difficult to resist the subtle power of suggestion that is beckoning me to buy jaffas right now...

Headshotboyz - Heartbaked EP

Budapest, apart from being a ridiculously beautiful city, also inspires a music scene all of its own, particularly from the two precocious producers Kristof and Lajos, who together form an entity known as Headshotboyz.

While it may sound like a random Call of Duty gamer tag, I can assure you that their ability to combine synthetic sounds into songs that move you is up among the greats. After multiple glimpses and features on labels from Project Mooncircle to Mad Hop and Urban Waves, this is their first voyage into self-release waters.

So, if you feel like giving them a warm welcome, they're accepting tips for downloads via their bandcamp page. If not, the ability to grab it anyway still exists, as long as you can live with the guilt of typing a "0", or you can just enjoy the preview below if you prefer:

Kutmah - "Do Better"

The lead track off of LA legend Kutmah's latest album ISWID, is some sort of trance-like mash up of Reggie Watts and Marvin Gaye.

While that is a fair description, it doesn't even scratch the surface of the organic soul that Kut injected into this track, as well as the rest of ISWID...

"I'll Sleep When I'm Dead" ?

"I See What I Did [There]"...?

"Inertia Saucer Woodbine Illume Degust"....?

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

M. Constant - Bugged EP

You might remember M. Constant from the feline flavored album of earlier this year, but he has definitely not rested on his laurels.

I was expecting more of the same sample heavy, vinyl crackled boom baps of Construmentals, instead my ears were greeted with something... downright sweltering. I mean mellow, bunda shaking, bass heavy boat party jams, whilst maintaining their head-nodding hip hop backbone.

There's also a sitar somewhere in there, but I wont tell you where, you'll have to listen for yourself:

Includes remixes from Time Wharp, Avila, and DEO. Out right now this very moment courtesy of the relatively new movers and shakers over at JASS.

Anthony Ellect x Capeface - "Note"

Let's have a listen to this brand new, fuzzy tweak-pitched futurepop/RnB transatlantic LA-Guildford collaboration from our newfound friend Anthony Ellect and Tom Smart (aka Capeface) that has recently entered into my musical questing routine.

Soulful, saturated, sensual... this one has some serious dream weight attached to it. I'll leave it up to you to define what "dream weight" means after you listen to the tune:

Not sure how these two found each other, or who introduced them, but I for one am certainly glad that this happened.

Oh, and it's free, in case you needed some more good news for your day.

.Bija - Seed LP

Although I first previewed this album through my speakers whilst making a tuna sandwich, I immediately paused it, dropped my culinary tools down on the counter, and proceeded to place my headphones firmly upon my ears.


Field recordings always hold a special place in my heart and auditory cortex... there is music everywhere, and there's something beautiful about artists who combine them into their works, it opens up an infinite plethora of possibilities.

If you're someone who gets bored easily and enjoys surprises as much as I do, this type of audio is a blessing.

.Bija accepts but does not encourage donations, which adds another layer of beauty and serenity to this production. Find more of the Georgian producer's work on soundcloud.

Opal Block - Warm Up EP

Opal Block is Manchester's best kept secret... but not for long.

You may remember him from the stunning intro track to Sub Radar Radio 013, "Kicking The Moon Across The Sky", essentially channeling Glasgow's maximalism scene and pushing your grey matter out through the soles of your delicate feet.

Well, he's neither a one trick pony, nor is he done squishing out your vital sound perception organs. That intensity has obviously reached a breaking point, because even though I've done my best to remain patient for his Prism debut, the tunes must flow:

Warm Up EP is here. To, well... you know...

It's actually a really good example of just how many diverse sounds Mr. Block can muster. Insane juke, bass throwdowns, it's all there, and it's all for whatever price you feel inclined to spend.

Monday, May 14, 2012

5Y5 - 5Y5

Blink, and the Italian beat scene has passed you by... while UXO has been mingling with Colossius to form the experimental project Agents of Decay, he's also been conspiring with his other partner in crime, the one and only Digi G'Alessio, to form the more straightforward 5Y5.

Of course, the bright, funky, delicious nectar of boot-land is anything but straightforward, so I suppose I should say it's more on par with their traditional output.

Hopefully this is the beginning of a long-standing collaborative effort, but since these two usually aren't too far apart musically, I can only assume this isn't the last we'll see of 5Y5.

Name your price, courtesy of Bedroom Research.

Indian Wells - "Deuce"

Some producers like to shroud themselves in mysterious veils, face paint, masks, costumes, Gorillaz style projections, or straight up seclusion à la Burial.

Indian Wells chose... tennis. That's about all you can really dig up about this guy. Named after a famous tennis resort, tennis album art, tennis track title, tennis facebook info... basically fuzzy bright yellow balls and Polyolefin-string rackets all around.

It's even more interesting for me is that tennis would be the last descriptor I would apply to the actual single itself. In fact... maybe shuffleboard, hookah-pong, or treacle hockey would be more appropriate.

Night Drops is out early June on Bad Panda Records.

misk - Saturation

In my ever-increasing efforts to expose you to as much retina-shattering color in addition to eardrum bending beats, I found this release all the way back from the days before this blog even existed, a dark and tumultuous time that you may remember as... "2009".

misk is a San Diego producer that has the western coast beat scene leaking out of every tune he touches, plenty of sharp and wonky sounds, yet refreshingly dynamic and downtempo at times.

One thing is for sure, this album has been dangerously slept on, especially considering that you can own it in several high quality audio formats for literally any price you can afford, including none, if that's your budget for music these days.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Subaqueous - "Gypsy Splash"

Ah, Seattle... the home of grunge, frequent drizzles, fine purveyors of coffee, and of course its ethnic middle eastern inspired electronic... gypsy rhythms?

...checks notes...

Yes, as it turns out, that is indeed the case with Gypsy Splash, the lead single off of Subaqueous' upcoming album Immerge, which does indeed seem to attempt to sink you into a  hypnagogic poppy-milk trance state of mermaid-snakes and curved hedge mazes. Wait, how good exactly has Seattle's coffee gotten since my last visit...

Immerge drops May 22nd.

NastyNasty - LazerBrain [Mix]

An interesting change of gear from the mellow racket-sport influenced post earlier, here's Bay Area's electronic bass adventurer NastyNasty's latest mix, LazerBrain.

There's purple-y bass, there's lazers, and I can only assume that they enter into your cerebrum through some mechanism that is unknown to science at this point. Featuring countless (well, eleven) unreleased tracks and collaborations, you're probably going to want to save this one for your next Wednesday's livingroom fog machine light show night. You guys have those too, right?

Meta: Design Under Construction

Pardon our dust, etc...

So, it has been bothering me recently that thousands of people are increasingly reading/listening to what I have to write/feature each day, and yet they have to suffer through my (now, in hindsight, hideous) site design.

The time has come! My apathy has waned thin.

The former, oddly formatted, tiled astro lion background has been scrapped... I know that there are fans of his out there, but unfortunately his time has come and gone, it was a necessary change. No, no... don't tear up. Observe the newness! Isn't it flush and bright and almost tear-inducing-ly colorful?

Good, that is the intention.

There are a few more changes in store, and I will probably spring them upon you just as suddenly, just to keep you on your toes. Thanks for your cooperation.

Share your nostalgia for the old wallpaper below, or maybe even swear your discontent for the new background. Just pretend as though this wasn't a useless post, the music shall resume shortly, I just felt like being meta for a moment.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Rabbit Records: V/A - Easter Compilation v​.​1

So, instead of considering this an Easter compilation (since I've only just now discovered it), how about we call it an "Early Mother's Day" compilation. Yeah, let's go with that.

That's beside the point, though: Los Angeles based Rabbit Records has brought all of their extended lagomorphic family together to release one of the most slugged out / groovy forward thinking collections for this cusp of springtime/summertime music release schedules.

Lotide, Djemba Djemba, RAJA, Obey City, Virtual Boy, Spaceghost and twelve other talented individuals... the limited edition cassette version is still available as well, so if your walkman is in need of an eternal friend, or you need a last minute Mother's Day gift (shame on you for forgetting), you should jump on that ASAP>>>

Full tracklist after the jump since the bandcamp player makes it look wonky:

Agents of Decay - (​(​(​Barely Illegal​)​)​)

It's quite fitting that QueenSpectra is calling their latest release a "transmission"...

The two Italian beat scientists Colossius and UXO have come together to form Agents of Decay, a sound experiment akin to a distant broadcast of some sort of post-apocalyptic radio show, that somehow got filtered through Europe in the 80's before being picked up on the emergency radio that you were hoping to hear important news on.

Jarring, uncomfortable, and yet somewhat hypnotic, like a Mad Max fever dream after waves of  jetlag.  It's available free of charge, and despite the title, there's nothing illegal about grabbing it, unless that's just what they want you to think...

Friday, May 11, 2012

Koda - "Reclaimer"

I am honestly trying to resist the urge to draw up comparisons for this one, but let me go ahead and get them out of the way: Ben Gibbard, with a dash or so of James Blake-ish-ness.

Whew, now that those are out of the way, forget that I even mentioned them, because Koda has outdone himself on this one. "Reclaimer" is a subtle and mellow journey at first, but really hits home when the vocals come in almost three minutes into the tune.

...I think I just heard the collective jaw drop of my readers that just realized I'm actually focused on the singing in a tune for once, but there you have it.

He's made it free to download for now, so I wouldn't hesitate.

Dengue Dengue Dengue! Mixtape Vol. 2

Shouts out to Julián over at Culture Remixed for bringing this mixtape to my attention, an amazing blend of traditional cumbia music alongside its modern electronic counterparts by Peruvian duo Dengue Dengue Dengue.

Lumbering, tropical, bass heavy goodness that is unlike a lot of music we're used to in the northern hemisphere.

It's free to download for what I can only assume is a limited time, tracklist after the jump:

Light Club - Feeelings

We might all know by now what to expect from albums with three intentional e's in their name, not to mention those whose names double as puns... but before you go and put on your judging pants, have a listen.

Everything experimental and funky that we've come to love from a certain Northern European electronic genre, plus the laid back aesthetic that fits into the more mellow mindsets.

And of course it's from Myor, so all fourteen tracks are free... spoiled, the lot of you.

Minoo - All The World Remixes

It seems as though Minoo takes his track title "All The World" quite seriously, as he has literally reached out to all of the world to come together to remix the title track, including a few Sub Radar friends.

Italy, Japan, Slovenia, and Russia (in that order), before bringing it all the way back home to Poland with the final version from fellow Polish countryman Tom Bednarczyk. We really do live in a beautiful spiderweb of connectivity, these days.

Name your price, courtesy of Mad Hop.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

TNGHT - "Bugg'n" [Extended Reprise]

I actually received more than a couple of emails earlier today asking me less than politely why I hadn't featured the extended clip of Hudson Mohawke and Lunice's pet project TNGHT's latest track "Bugg'n", and it's because this is sub radar, not popular radar.

HA! Just kidding. Here it is.

No surprises, it's pretty much just a longer version of the clip that was here back in March, with a drippy second drop. So yes, twice as groovy.

Their album isn't going to be around until July, but it's coming out on a Warp/Lucky Me collab vinyl, so it's pretty much an essential buy. You can preorder here if you're feeling it.

Marvin Gaye - "Ain't That Peculiar (Oddisee Remix)"

The perfect combination of old and new: brilliant beatsmith/lyricist Oddisee breathes new life into the backdrop of the one and only Marvin Gaye and his tune "Ain't That Peculiar".

What will definitely be peculiar is how you manage to find a way to get this newly revamped song unstuck from your head after you listen to it a couple of times:

Oddisee's upcoming album People Hear What They See is due to drop sometime early to the middle of next month.

Eloq - Beats, Remixes & Some Other Cool Stuff

There are many things you can accuse Eloq of, but one of them isn't beating around the bush; his latest release on SoundEscape does exactly what it says on the tin.

Soupy, bloopy beats that your parents will more than likely not understand. I hope you've eaten plenty of vitamin C and glucosamine/chondroiton, just in case some of this illness rubs off on you. Heh.

Did I mention that it's free? Oh yeah. It's free. So no complaining!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Deft - 2000 EP

Croydon's Deft has a unique talent for creating tracks that can bridge the gap of electronic music's chin strokers and party go-ers: contemplative enough to be enjoyed in your own private meditations, but groovy enough to work for public gatherings where the intention is to mix and mingle.

Might as well combine the two and create your own personal dance party in your autobus during your next road trip... just be sure to keep your hands at 10 & 2 at some point, and thus concludes my party tip PSA combo community deed of the day.

Preview the dual track release below, and click here to snag it via mediafire, courtesy of the man himself.

Many thanks to Sunday Morning for scoping this one!

Ta-Ku - Dusty Volume 2

The second set of nameless spare beats that Perth's premier producer Ta-Ku had lying around that he's willing to give out to his fans at no cost.

Keep in mind, these aren't table scraps... most instrumentalists I know would love to crawl into Mr. Ku's head just for a moment to discover his secret to smoothness and productivity. My guess is that it has something to do with that fresh Australian air, or maybe he was bitten by a radioactive funnel web spider and grew a few extra limbs to produce with.

Whatever the case, they're here and free and delicious, snatch them up:

Myke Forte - Cosmik Panda EP

Artwork by Yuu Minagawa

Do space shuttles even have CD players? ... one of the many questions that sprung into my head while traveling on the audio journey of Myke Forte's latest release Cosmik Panda.

Next up: how does a panda pilot a shuttle accurately? Will he ever find the legendary Bamboo Planet? Does the adorableness of any given panda increase exponentially relative to its acceleration?

Forget the questions, just enjoy the tunes, and grab it for half price on the bandcamp page with the promo code "cosmik":