Saturday, March 31, 2012

Memotone - Hands EP

Pensive, somber, experimental beats from UK producer Memotone. The album art sums it up perfectly, as each tune seems more delicate than the last. "It's Out There Waiting" is one of those tunes that stuns and amazes with its level of depth.

Sinitus Tempo - Journey

I hope all of you are feeling extra classy on this last Saturday of March... if not, no worries, Journey by Oneofus instrumentalist Sinitus Tempo will have you whisked away to that state of mind in no time at all.

Sinitus is dishing out these fifteen refined and polished jazz-leaning tracks at absolutely no charge to you. Included are collaborations with the other half of Oneofus, Kitty Wong, as well as Marion "Carminelitta" Lombardi.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Sub Radar Radio 016: ghst

Sub Radar Radio returns in fine form with episode 016, courtesy of DJ ghst from southwest London.

Like any good mix, this one takes you on a journey. I can't guarantee where you'll end up, but one thing is for sure, you'll want to bring your subwoofer along for the ride.

ghst online:
MTD Facebook page

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Shatter Hands - 404 Sessions

This album (or more accurately "concept project") is the combined efforts of Danish producer Shatter Hands and Outlier Recordings, the label run by Oddlogic.

The project consists of 40 experimental "sessions", only 7 of which are on the "free as you want it to be" digital album. For all 40 sessions, you have to be one of the 50 people to get their hands on the limited edition cassette copy, which ships early April.

Until then, preview below and name your price for the 7 snippet sessions released thus far:

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Alan Lomax Sound Archive

If you enjoy global varieties of folk music and have a working internet connection, this post is for you.

Why? Well, in case you're not one to read post titles, the Alan Lomax archive / sound library is making great strides to be fully available online. Thousands of recordings taken across multiple decades showcasing folk music from across the globe, from Ireland to Morocco and the southeastern United States. The realized dream of a passionate audiophile.

Their servers seem to be stressing out from a lot of demand as of 2pm PST, hopefully it'll be back to normal by the time you're reading this. Their youtube channel is up and running though (gotta love those Youtube servers).

Click here for the sound archive.

Click here to donate to the Association of Cultural Equity, the non-profit that is organizing and maintaining this project.

mathbonus - Elsewhere

The latest from PacNW producer mathbonus. Something a little more relaxed as you wander Elsewhere for your mid-week vacation... those exist, right? Please?

Preview below, pay whatever you want over on the bandcamp landing page.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Digi G'Alessio - Lucky Bald EP

Brand new material from one of my favorite Italian producers, Digi G'Alessio, on the label that has made me move my feet on more than one occasion: Lucky Beard.

DG'A moves into seemingly new territory with this release... I almost couldn't believe my ears when I heard juke and moombahton-esque tunes sitting side my side, sometimes within the same tune, and then Caro Snatch lyrics appear seemingly out of nowhere. Fortunately, it's done right, and the overall theme is bass.

...and groove. Bass&groove.

Preview below, click through to Juno to purchase.

West In Dust - West In Dust 2012

Yet another really interesting (free) compilation for this week, this time it's from the West In Dust label, who will be releasing this 14 track collection of tunes as a way of introducing themselves to this wild world of audio that we know and love.

I'll be honest, I only recognized a couple of names when I first came across this, but as always that never stops me, and upon a few listens, I can definitely recommend this in good faith.

This album was initially supposed to release last Monday, however a couple of delays seems to have pushed it back a week onto April 2. Until then, preview it to your hearts content below:

Monday, March 26, 2012

Necedah - Aquatic Pulsations

Necedah's latest release, a liquid themed homage to the state of Wisconsin, is as peaceful and serene as I remember the evergreen scene being. Name your price or grab it for free below:

Free The Beats Vol. 7

Still buzzing off of the latest edition of Rubber Beats that I mentioned yesterday, but thankfully there is yet another free compilation for me to share with you today, this time from the Aussie jam gem hunters over at FreeTheBeats.

If you ever scour the internet for good music (and who doesn't), you probably realize how daunting it can be to put a compilation like this together. Sure, there's mind-blowing amounts of amazing music out there, but sifting through everything else to get to them is not a task for the weak spirited. So let's give them due credit by having a listen, perhaps grabbing the free download, or if you're feeling extra awesome, you can order a limited edition handmade CD copy via the bandcamp landing page.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Caoutchou Records - Rubber Beats Vol. 3 [Teaser]

Just received the press release for Caoutchou Records' upcoming compilation album (the third in their Rubber Beats series) and although I can only tell you with my written words how brilliant it is right now, I can share the teaser mix for the release, which is enough to whet most sentient beings' audio appetite.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Gonzo - For You EP

You need some more soulful sampling in your life, I can tell. Let Melbourne producer Gonzo write you a prescription with his free EP, literally For You.

Lazloh - Midnight

17 year old producer Amani Murphy, aka Lazloh, has recently released his debut bandcamp album Midnight, a short but sweet little EP packed to the brim with wonky sensibilities.

At "name-your-price", there's no room for complaining, so give it a listen.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Kingbastard - Lost Property

Pensive shoegaze... perfect for my trip out to the foggy beaches later today. An amazingly chilled and moody release from UK producer Kingbastard, I have no idea why I slept on this for a few weeks, but here it is.

CD versions have sold out at this point (I know, I know), but the digital version includes hi-res art for each track (16 in all), as well as a bonus tune.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Devonwho - Thumbtracks Remixes Vol. 1.5

So I thought I would carry on the remix album theme of yesterday just a little bit longer and feature an album that I consistently reach back for, but is old enough that it was released before this blog was even a sparkle in my eye.

The natural conclusion of Bay Area producer Devonwho's 2009 album Funraiser Vol. 1: ThumbtracksThumbtracks Remixes features re-interpretations by Shlohmo, Dibiase, Tokimonsta, mndsgn, Matthewdavid, and more west coast heroes.

I should also mention that Devonwho has a new EP entitled Strangebrew coming up on April 2nd, I'll be sure to remind you a little closer to the date.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Hyperboloid Records - Pixelord Remixed

Fresh out of  Russia, Hyperboloid Records has just given master beatcrafter Pixelord the remix treatment, inviting some of his premier contemporaries from Russia and beyond to give their audio interpretations of Alexey's tunes.

813, Hourglass Sea, NVG and seven other musicians twist and reshape the crisp and glossy backbone of Pixelord's tunes into a tribute worthy of playing for your neighbors in the early hours of the morning.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

TNGHT - "Bugg'n"

One of the most exciting collaborations of this year finally has an official name - TNGHT. A joint venture between Lunice and the Glaswegian superhero Hudson Mohawke, the duo have released some teasers of previous works, but not under an official title or collective moniker until now. All that changes with "Bugg'n", the first named clip off of the debut EP supposedly coming from LuckyMe later this year.

Here it is in all of its subwoofer-shaking glory:

Monday, March 19, 2012

Soosh - SoFar EP

Glaswegian producer Soosh's music speaks for itself... delicate and drizzly. I've been waiting for the release of this one for awhile now, and that wait ends today.

Included in this release from Dutch label Fremdtunes are remixes by Greenwood Sharps, Jameszoo, Kelpe and Sekuoia. Preview below, and visit Fremdtunes' bandcamp page to order the limited edition 12" vinyl.

Ital Tek - The Planet EP

Another huge release of the day, the much anticipated EP The Planet by Brighton producer Alan Myson, aka Ital Tek.

The preview should speak for itself, as it's standard fare for an Ital Tek release. This one is almost on a Kuedo kick, featuring plenty of spacey synths and frantic footwork percussion.

Ital Tek - The Planet EP - Promo Mix - Out March 19th (ATM004) by ITAL TEK

Out now, available via Juno and Red Eye Records, among other retailers.

Mark Aubert - Fake Island

Adding to our 3/19 release day frenzy, a retro, experimental and inspired sample-based beat tape from Bay Area producer Mark Aubert, available now in digital and limited edition cassette form.

It takes a little bit of simmering to get to the straightforward parts (if that's your cuppa tea), but definitely worth a listen all the way through, and it's on cassette! Which means it'll load up straight away in your '96 Dodge Caravan for your vintage themed beach road trip.

The Pearl - FleshEaters

Start your Monday off correctly: by blasting some bass tech music from our friends over at Circuitree Records, who have uploaded the preview of their upcoming 7" single from The Pearl, including a remix by Distal on the flip.

Preorders are available in a couple of forms, including one package that comes with a Circuitree tee, all of which will ship in early April. Check them out at the bandcamp landing page. Preview the Distal remix below:

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Artist Radar: Henry Krinkle

Henry Krinkle has a set of sample and groove chopping skills that I haven't seen stateside in quite some time. Hailing from Wellington/WPB Florida, Mr. Krinkle is making waves in my neck of the interwoods with his tunes, which is even more impressive considering he seems to only have set up his internet presence over the past month or so.

Back to Me by Henry Krinkle.

There's not even a particular sound that I can really categorize him overall, as each track seems to be a collection of three or more different songs in and of themselves. Fans of all the future garage / juke, etc. wave of dance music will certainly appreciate these tunes, but they even have a smooth and soulful side to them as well.

For more Henry Krinkle, you can find his presence in these corners of the internet: facebook, bandcamp, soundcloud, youtube, tumblr and twitter.

More tunes after the jump:

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Desto - No Sleep EP

I wasn't expecting this release until Monday, but it seems to have sneaked out early (in vinyl format, at least)... The smoky-dark club EP No Sleep from Finnish producer Desto.

808 rich, atmo synthed tunes on this short but sweet EP, available via BoomKat and your local (or perhaps not so local) dance section of a good record shop. Preview below via Rwina Records.

Friday, March 16, 2012


It's skweeekend time already! To celebrate, here's a fantastic little wonky EP from Latvian producer Kodek. Prepare your eardrums for our new omniscient feline beat-producing overlords from the future:

No minimum name your price, so grab it at whatever amount you'd like to give.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Grillo - Mean Green

Most people already know I'm a huge fan of the Italian beat scene, and one of my favorite producers/DJs within that scene happens to be the massively talented Grillo. Everything from his productions to his Bubblegum Beats show on Space Invader Radio, this guy can pretty much be found anywhere there's good music around.

That leads us to Mean Green, his third and latest installation of his annual Street Fighter themed beat tapes. So far it's been Ken and E. Honda... this time it's the obvious mean and green fighter Blanka. Included at the end are remixes by his contemporaries Lupid Ocampo, K.Relly and Brotto. The album is name-your-price, so you'd be hard pressed to find an excuse not to grab this one.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Duke Hugh - The Sound EP

The latest from Dutch producer Duke Hugh, a six track EP entitled The Sound. Brings to mind the kind of electronic-organic compositions of Bonobo, but with his own flair. Track three, "The Sailor" has everything I could ask for in a downtempo track... repeating it at loud volumes for the rest of the week is recommended.

EPROM - "Can Control"

Details about Bay Area producer EPROM's highly anticipated release Metahuman on Rwina Records had been few and far between, the last time I took to digging for them... well flash forward to right now, where Rwina has uploaded the album art, the track list, the potential release date, and the first track off of the flip, "Can Control".

This is, like most EPROM tunes, best experienced at full volume at a decent venue, but for now our speakers and headphones will suffice.

Stream "Can Control" below, I'll put the Metahuman release details after the jump.

Torus - Torus EP

After existing as an online magazine for a few years, Sonic Router has taken the plunge and decided to start releasing albums themselves, the first of which is the self-titled EP from 18 year old Netherlands native Torus.

The album is mostly pensive and takes an extensive tour of ambient beatmaking, merging distant melodies with elements of musique concrete interspersed amongst them. Not to mention there's a remix on the tail end from the one and only Slugabed.

Have a listen to the album below, and if you like it, support Sonic Router's inaugural release by grabbing the digital version or one of the limited edition (100) white cassettes.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Boards of Canada Confirm New Album [Updated]


In quite possibly the best news in electronic music this year, Scottish duo Boards of Canada have just confirmed the rumors of a new album, their first in almost six long, cold, BoC-less years.

So far there are no leaked tracks, no snippets of album art, no release date, not even a rumor of an album name... but those three letters are sweet enough for any fan to begin to salivate profusely.

In case you're new to them, I'll include a couple videos after the jump break so you can join in the exuberance:

Taquwami - "τiмe Δf​+​er τiмe"

Japanese chillwave... it's every bit as majestic as you can imagine it would be.

The latest release from Tokyo producer Taquwami, entitled "τiмe Δf​+​er τiмe"

You will need:

-3:19 seconds of time
-maybe a little time... after that time

Brock Berrigan - Daily Routine

14 classically sampled, beat-repeated name-your-price tunes from the classiest rooster-masked keyboard-toting producer around, Brock Berrigan.

Engage yourself in the chicken chops below:

Monday, March 12, 2012

Haunty - "Waves"

Recently stumbled across this smooth track by Detroit area producer Haunty. Great uptempo  chillout music with a purple flair. This tune is free to download, as is the entire EP it's located on: Magic Castle.

Mess Kid - Sipslow EP

Houston label Freshmore drops its seventh release today, a trapped out drawl tune from NY producer Mess Kid, along with three remixes from Morri$, Cedaa, and Nikko. The release is everything we know and love about the Houston chop scene, including high hats that are crisp enough to crack a boulder in half.

Soundcloud preview tidbits are below, but you can find the full length (but lower quality version) of the lead single on Mess Kid's soundcloud, and the fantastic remix from Kansas' Morri$ was featured for free procurement via XLR8R last week. The full release is available on Juno.

[Thanks to Bela for the heads up on this one!]

Sunday, March 11, 2012

OL & Vtgnike - Province

Here's something that ought to shake up your Sunday: a healthy dose of Russian juke via producers OL and Vtgnike.

Province is a little different than most juke albums you'll hear, by way of supremely soulful sampling with traditional frantic juke drum work liberally applied on top. Juke can be fairly hit or miss, so you'll have to decide for yourself what works for you:

Available for digital download / limited edition CD via the bandcamp landing page.

Prof.Logik - Multi-Dimension

French label Cascade Records has recently released the latest album by the ever-outstanding producer Prof.Logik, entitled Multi-Dimension. Atmospheric, rolling instrumentals from one of the hardest working producers in the mix.

This album is available in a variety of formats, including limited edition vinyl and vinyl+t-shirt packages, so grab them while they're still around. Preview below:

5-Foot Nothing - The Way It Goes

Melbourne's 5-Foot Nothing has entered 2012 in fantastic form, with the lovely driven and dark release The Way It Goes. If you're in the market for some pensive bass music, you're definitely in the right place with this release. The release is available via Bandcamp, but he's also graciously seeding a torrent for it via his official site, so choose your method of procurement and dive in. Preview below:

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Kwala - Luminous Things

Here's a recent release on Project Mooncircle/Finest Ego from Charleston SC groovemaker Kwala. Lovely disjointed downtempo wonky reverie jams in several flavors, have a listen:

Friday, March 9, 2012

Short News Bulletin [Broken Blogger Woes]

I don't usually do meta posts, but I'll make an exception:

Blogger is glitching out on me, essentially treating me like I'm logged out when I visit any blogspot page (quick edit pencil is gone, no ability to comment, etc). It's been five days now and nothing I have researched and implemented has helped.

This will hopefully explain my lack of communication with you on your respective sites, and I'm working on fixing the problem. Have any of you experienced this before? Let me know of any potential fixes in the comments section. I have tried using a wide variety of computers/browsers, and nothing has worked. It doesn't even work on my phone, so it must be some sort of internal Blogger glitch.

In the meantime, accept my sincere apologies and enjoy these photos of bread-cats:

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Knxwledge - Hexual Sealings

The latest release from Philly's Knxwledge:

in case you're unaware, I thoroughly enjoy spoonerisms, as evidenced by my twitter username nonsense.

This only adds to my appreciation of Hexual Sealings:

Ta-Ku - Scraps Vol. 2

Western Australia's premier beatsmith Ta-Ku has just released the second installment of his Scraps series, which is comprised of bits and pieces that he's had lying around his hard drive the past couple of years. You can tell that a guy is pure skill when even his scraps are slamming.

Dirty Stanz - The Synthetic Genius LP

Superb London HH vibes from Dirty Stanz, this guy's instrumentals are mental, indeed. Classical sampling, everything from harpsichord to sitar. You can't not appreciate that, not to mention that this 14 track LP is 100% free to download.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

REL - Out Of View

Some people were born to make beats. Bay Area's REL is one of those people. The latest release from the Swtbrds Collective entitled Out Of View is on fire from start to finish.

Oh and did I mention it's free? Yep.

Too many gems, you should probably go ahead and press play instead of reading this. There are also couple of remixes and nods that fans of good music will instantly recognize, but I won't spoil them for you, you'll have to listen all the way through:

Cloud. - Hunter182

I can always appreciate an artist/album that rides the border of palatable and experimental... Cloud. fits that bill nicely with Hunter182.

A sample-driven beat tape filtered through cosmic delirium... isn't that all the description you really need?

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Mister Bibal - F ▲ I L U R E

This is probably one of the more straightforward HH albums I've posted thus far, but by no means ordinary.

Mister Bibal out of Paris, France, shows off his extensive purple-tinged beat skills on F▲ILURE, bringing a few MCs along for the ride. Those "Defailance" tunes are meant to be blasted at full volume out of your office cubicle, so don't resist the temptation.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Thrupence - Voyages EP

It's almost been an entire year since the last upload to Melbourne musician Thrupence's bandcamp, but the wait is over. Rich, ambient vibes from start to finish, this one is for the pensive bathtub crew. Perfect for taking care of that Monday stress.

No-minimum name-your-price, at least for now. Very limited 12" vinyl available as well.

Also, if you're wondering why all the album art is mind-meltingly good as well, that's no accident. Similar to Tycho, Jack Vanzet is also an illustrator and graphic designer. So keep your eye on both his sights and sounds via his official site, tumblr, soundcloud and bandcamp pages.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Burial & Four Tet - Nova

Burial continues to press heavily on the 2012 release gas pedal with yet another tune, once again revisiting and merging sounds with fellow wunder-producer and contemporary Kieran Hebden, aka Four Tet.

"Nova" is a rolling, slightly upbeat yet pensive, exactly the caliber you would expect from this level of collaboration. This will be the thirteenth release on Hebden's Text label, sitting comfortably alongside previous collab work with Mr. Bevan.

The news is barely three hours old, yet the tune has already amassed over 30K plays and hundreds of comments as of this posting, which illustrates well the power of high level collabs and a little mystery and surprise.

Yöt - Minigrip Walk [Remix Album]

Just in time for this skweeekend, we are bestowed a collaboration EP by some of the OG skweeeroes: Yöt, Eero Johannes, Melkeveien, Mesak, and Levon Zoltar. Four interpretations, one fantastic remix album courtesy of Raha & Tunteet.

The Eero remix alone... is outstanding. Push it through your headphones at any given moment of your day and feel all of your stress and anxiety succumb to that synth Finfunk.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Luisterwaar - Illuminants

Saturate Records must have recovered and reloaded from shaking up the scene with the fantastic heRobust double disc last month, because here they are in the early days of March with a hefty 9 track "EP" from Dutch producer Luisterwaar entitled Illuminants.

It's a similar bargain to other Saturate releases, name your price from zero to infinity:

Friday, March 2, 2012

Sub Radar Radio 015: Cogidubnus

I hope you're ready for this one: today's episode of Sub Radar Radio comes to us courtesy of Guy Thompson, aka Cogidubnus, aka the brains behind the outstanding label Broken Bubble.

Moody and rolling tunes, blended smoothly into the best kind of audio stew. The best way for me to describe it would be to not describe it and just tell you to press play, instead. So do that.

For more Cogidubnus, be sure to wander over to his soundcloud, mixcloud, and facebook pages,  as well as all (yes all) of the releases on Broken Bubble's bandcamp.


Cogidubnus - Tricolor (Cogi's Ruby Lounge re-edit) [forthcoming Broken Bubble]
Venture - Together We Fall [Night Tracks]
Ak0pian - Check, Ehm, Music v1 []
Smaug - Holidaze []
Cogidubnus - 96 Clicks [dub]
Cogidubnus - Prism Reform (Hurtdeer's Bile City Deermix) [forthcoming Broken Bubble]
Cogidubnus & Duskky - Tomorrow Will Eat You [Broken Bubble]
Cogidubnus - At Arm's Wavelength [dub]
Cogidubnus - Voigt-Kampff VIP []
Cogidubnus - Open Shape (Outro) [Broken Bubble]

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Gila Monsta - Shed Skin Pt. 1

Denver's Gila Monsta seems to keep a low internet profile, but I'm sure his name will be on a few more lips after the release of Shed Skin Pt. 1, a 16-track all caps adventure ranging all the way from torture chamber darkness to as bright and clean as a laundry detergent commercial, with hazy, reverie-inducing moments interlaced within.

No minimum name-your-price, so grab this immediately for any price you choose, no excuses:

[via Flow Worthy]

Exit! - Female

Things are warming up all over the northern hemisphere, including over at Urban Waves, with their new "Winter Be Gone" motif, featuring a release from Georgian Leviko Nakashidze, aka Exit!. In case you can't tell from his name, that's Georgia the country, not Georgia the US state.

This release is brought to you as name-your-price by Urban Waves, so you can pay anywhere from nothing to a million trillion dollars (although if you have a million trillion dollars, I suggest spending half on this album and the other half on pulling the world out of debt, just saying).