Monday, July 9, 2012

Outliers, Vol. I: Iceland OST

Today marks the release of the digital version of the official soundtrack to the upcoming documentary Outliers, Vol. I: Iceland, a documentary which teases fanciful and extraordinary alien landscapes of the small island nation.

Matching audio soundtracks to landscapes is no easy task, but thankfully there's someone with very good taste behind the wheel over at Outliers, because the tracklisting is as stunning as the scenery.

Tracklist below, and some previews below that as well.

Asura - Our Word For Warmth
Goldmund - The Wind Sings
Sweatson Klank (Formerly known as Take) - Pruma
Joby Talbot - Nilas
Deru - Titles
Shigeto - I Gave In To It
Deru - Power Plant
Eskmo - Glacier Ryuichi
Sakamoto - Outliers
Deru - Mud Pits
Heathered Pearls - Lower Dome
Son Lux - Resound
Deru - Choir
A Lull - Filthy, Wild Animals
Opiate - Island
Deru - Black Beach

Iceland premiers tomorrow at Lincoln Hall in Chicago, order the OST here.


  1. This stuff is amazing man, Iceland clearly has some very good producers.

  2. The music is so chill that it makes me want to see the documentary just to be as chill.

  3. Wow that vimeo video was awesome! Great melding of music and pictures!

  4. Thanks for listening y'all. Deru ( travelled with us, composed the main body of work and curated the contributions from the rest of the artists. We're looking for a digital distribution deal right now, so hopefully we can share the film in its' entirety very soon.


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