Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Crystal Castles - "Plague"

Since I'm currently on a kick of posting musicians that I jammed out to in college that are still rockin around today, here's the latest from Crystal Castles, "Plague".

When I saw the soundcloud bar, I tentatively approached the idea of just how saturated that bit at 1:06 truly is, but it actually retains much of their classic ethereal and mellow flavors while still being a driven and uptempo tune. Alice Glass still sounds like she's shouting from the deepest wells of your skull, but that's just how I like it.

Grab the download if you're up for it, not sure how long it'll be available to do so. Crystal Castles' third studio album is due this September.


  1. The intro on this one, really does wonders. The space and keys and vocals. Really set the pace.
    When it finally comes in her voice does wonders. Wow. Good post, Another artist found thanks to this Sub-radar beast blog

  2. This is amazing Mike, I'm so with Tony Allen, this music is the bomb. The vocals are what I love the most in the whole thing, so echoing and perfect.

  3. This is nice. I don't think I'll take the download but maybe a whole album will change my mind.


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