Friday, June 1, 2012

Munis - Gedankenexperiment

At this point I can just mention that the latest from Saturate Records is here and the rest of the post should fall into place...

Munis is the latest holder of the Italian beatmaker spotlight around these parts, and offers forth Gedankenexperiment, which surprisingly enough is not a Dragon Ball Z special move nor an expensive Turkish candy, but a jazzed out wonky electronic exploration in thirteen parts, including remixes from Subp Yao, oneone, Dnte and a few other friends.

Out now via Saturate's bandcamp landing page for any price you choose.


  1. OK, I couldn't listen to this at work, but I was able to do a web search and listen to some other stuff and WOW!! Thank you

  2. I really like the sound to this Mike, Pear Juice is really good in my opinion, it's just my kind of thing.

  3. Dragon Ball Z Special move heheheheh

  4. I actually use the word Gedanken in my first book. Great to know its still in use!

  5. I think it was just a little bit darker than my mood is willing to love. It was decent, and it was fun to finish, but I think I could appreciate it more later on.


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