Monday, June 11, 2012

Digi G'Alessio - The Purple Book

You know I wouldn't sleep on this one... our favorite Italian Digi is back with another full length release, sonically dynamic but essentially centering around tunes that make your booty shake.

The Purple Book is the chromatic follow up to last January's Yellow and the follow up Brown Book, when we complete the series, we can play them all at the same time to try and create a white book! I doubt that would work, but that would be an awesome idea.

Timestamp for minimix:

1. intro (0:52)
2. youuuuuuuuuu (1:56)
3. where were youuuuuuuuuu in '83 (1:08)
4. jabba e la mosca (0:45)
5. vhs porno school (1:31)
6. wolf the legend (1:52)
7. tales from the far west (guns n horses) (2:30)
8. kofta moment (1:57)
9. nibirians (1:00)
10. malossi entertainment (2:02)
11. a.r.p. (1:07)
12. jingle mi (1:34)
13. spliffs under a too hot sun (1:40)
14. me myself and youuuuuuuuuu (3:25)

Out this weekend on Caoutchou Records!


  1. Digi's stuff is probably my favourite stuff that you post on here over all man, damn he's good, this is great.

  2. That cover is brilliant, you can't go wrong with crows.

  3. lol I like your idea for a white inaudible wall of sound made up by cool individual elements like these


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