Tuesday, June 19, 2012

710 Records: V/A - Compilation Vol. 1

I was pretty sure I could feel the ground around me shaking as this one approached, as early as yesterday morning, even.

The sub frequency riders over at 710 Records have carried on the deliciously nasty tradition set forth by their sister label Stylss, and have released more bass music at one time that can possibly be digested in one sitting, so you'll probably want to strap this one to an mp3 device or some sort of sound wave manipulator and bring this one along for the commute.

Thankfully, it's super easy to do that, and you can get it in all of the great quality files that bandcamp provides, for any price you feel like paying, including free.

Again, it's 38 tracks. That's three-eight.



  1. Sounds like an ablum to come back to time and time again and listen!! Great selection of beats!!

  2. Great choice of songs, very chill. And the gif is very trippy.

  3. you weren't kidding about that extra bass now were you? My foot started twitching (next to the subwoofer) once the intro ended and the beat started.

  4. Perfect tunes for a space voyage!

  5. I used that to draw for a little project. It was the perfect aid to my inspiration. Definitely snatching this.


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