Saturday, May 5, 2012

Sweatson Klank - Elevate Me

Los Angeles based producer Sweatson Klank (formerly the much less easily searchable moniker "TAKE"), and Project Mooncircle have teamed up to release his latest musical mosaic, Elevate Me.

The busiest mellow beats you'll hear all week, pumped full of a wide variety of samples transcending the decades, attempting to elevate you into the only state of mind where you would be shying away from anthropomorphized bird creatures caressing you as you slumber (as the album art suggests).

Available in digital format, as well as the format to end all formats: a limited edition clear 12" vinyl [this site has an autoplaying soundcloud embed (eurgh)... just a heads up].

The first track, "Always You", is available for free here.


  1. Reminds me of the chemical brothers for some reason lol

  2. Very dream state like indeed. Music to sway you asleep you wants to make you listen, nice ones!

  3. The sounds are soothing, reminds me of someplace that I forgot...

  4. the music is very dreamy...but that picture is really creepy! ha.

  5. Oh wow man, the first two songs in this are just plain beautiful. I really want to check out the other post of yours I haven't listened to yet so I'm unable to listen to it all now but it's bookmarked for later.

  6. I can't explain had a vaguely Thievery Corp sound to it.


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