Thursday, May 3, 2012

Slugabed - Hidden Depths of Ninja Tune [Mix]

A couple Wednesdays ahead of the Hidden Depths @ Fabric showcase (presented by Tiger Beer) in London, Slugabed has put together a special promo mix for the event, digging deep into the crates of Brainfeeder, Big Dada, as well as the home of his own release on Monday: the one and only Ninja Tune.

Prime selections across the board, shouts out to Fabric, Tiger Beer, FactMag, and Black Atlantic for hosting this. £5 pre-order tickets to the event in London on the 16th are available here, and you can RSVP via Facebook if you feel like being social network savvy.

In case the mix isn't enough to convince you to see him live, check out his 32 minute BoilerRoom set as well (start at 2:30, the audio is wonky before then).


1. Dwight Trible and the Life Force Trio - Life Force (Instrumental)
2. Slugabed - New Worlds
3. Jeremiah Jae - Money and Food (Remix)
4. The Death Set - Impossible (Shuttle Remix)
5. Daedelus - LA Nocturne
6. Slugabed - On My Way Home
7. Wiley - I'm Skanking (The 2 Bears Remix)
8. Martyn - Bauplan (Bok Bok + L-Vis 1990 Remix)
9. Slugabed - Dragon Drums
10. Zomby - The Forest
11. Hot Sugar - The Girl Who Stole My Tamagotchi
12. Super Numeri - The Welcome Table
13. Dwight Trible and the Life Force Trio - Is Music (Instrumental)


  1. Wow buddy, once you've got past the wonky sounding audio this is incredible stuff, thanks so much for sharing.

  2. Didn´t know about Slugabed. I liked him

  3. Dude, this marks 2 hours you've taken out of my life's soundtrack.. and every second has been worth it.


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