Saturday, May 19, 2012

Moon Is Half Records: V/A - Moon Is Half Records EP

I'm not quite sure if the term "records" here is used as a descriptor for their imprint name, or if they're implying that the celestial body that controls our tides is indeed 50% composed of vinyl (which would be fantastic), but let's not get wrapped up in semantics.

The brand new Humboldt, California label has just released its self-titled debut into the compilation game, and they certainly picked their hand well: Prof.Logik, NosmoKing, The Arkyve, db., and several others put together for a fantastically downtempo and lightly experimental voyage.

The album is available completely free of charge to preview and download, either via the bandcamp landing page or via this mediafire link that MIHR has provided. Full tracklist after the player/jump:

1. dope dee - don't get no liver
2. AL_PD - ourstyle
3. Nym - rooftops
4. citizen starcrusher - mckenna
5. The Arkyve - Lonely World 81
6. Prof.Logik - NaTuRe CoNnExIoN
7. defizit - ebb & flow
8. Vimana Aircraft - cliff diving into holy water
9. dirtybird b. - drums and bass
10. NosmoKing - if i was a rich girl

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