Sunday, May 13, 2012

Meta: Design Under Construction

Pardon our dust, etc...

So, it has been bothering me recently that thousands of people are increasingly reading/listening to what I have to write/feature each day, and yet they have to suffer through my (now, in hindsight, hideous) site design.

The time has come! My apathy has waned thin.

The former, oddly formatted, tiled astro lion background has been scrapped... I know that there are fans of his out there, but unfortunately his time has come and gone, it was a necessary change. No, no... don't tear up. Observe the newness! Isn't it flush and bright and almost tear-inducing-ly colorful?

Good, that is the intention.

There are a few more changes in store, and I will probably spring them upon you just as suddenly, just to keep you on your toes. Thanks for your cooperation.

Share your nostalgia for the old wallpaper below, or maybe even swear your discontent for the new background. Just pretend as though this wasn't a useless post, the music shall resume shortly, I just felt like being meta for a moment.


  1. I'm liking the new background Mike. Honestly without trying to sound like an arse here, the original design was the one I liked the most but this is pretty awesome right now. Your blog could be a white page with a black background and it wouldn't matter for me anyway so long as you still keep up with the awesome posts.

  2. Nooooo! Not the spacelion! Can't you just, feature him somewhere on the side, or down below? For me? Pretty please? I do like the colours but they miss spacelion's cuteness.

  3. Cool new background, mike!

  4. Pretty wild background, I'm liking the change of pace though.

  5. I like the change! Your blog is much more colorful

  6. Original, innovative, colorful.

    Lookin' sharp!

  7. put the good ole space lion in your banner or soemthing, it was so awesome ;) Definitely looking crisp and clean though. If you come across any acoustic/alternative remixes I bet they'd be a great addition but I'm biased because i like john mayer/jack johnson/jason mraz music so much

  8. The background is really cool!

  9. sad I didn't even notice the awesome lion missing.


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