Saturday, May 5, 2012

mathbonus - Sounds of Gloaming

Cover artist: Fernando Prats
"It was the gloaming, when a man cannot make out if the nebulous figure he glimpses in the shadows is angel or demon, when the face of evening is stained by red clouds and wounded by lights."

-Homero Aridjis

Sounds of Gloaming, the latest from Cascadian producer mathbonus. Sandwiched somewhere between sidechained drip-drums and fuzzed out 80s synth-tacular goodness.


  1. #2 was my fav...peace....#3 opens really

  2. sunlight/nightfall had some background distortion, maybe intentionally but didnt quite speak to me. Cozy air was ok,I didnt plan - would work for evil dead kind of movies. 4 am - good one.

  3. That ended so well. Soon, but well. I'm happy.

  4. Cozy air was doing that volume surge thing, I skipped and tried to stick it out but then I didn't plan for this did it too.


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