Tuesday, May 15, 2012

M. Constant - Bugged EP

You might remember M. Constant from the feline flavored album of earlier this year, but he has definitely not rested on his laurels.

I was expecting more of the same sample heavy, vinyl crackled boom baps of Construmentals, instead my ears were greeted with something... downright sweltering. I mean mellow, bunda shaking, bass heavy boat party jams, whilst maintaining their head-nodding hip hop backbone.

There's also a sitar somewhere in there, but I wont tell you where, you'll have to listen for yourself:

Includes remixes from Time Wharp, Avila, and DEO. Out right now this very moment courtesy of the relatively new movers and shakers over at JASS.


  1. I heard the Sitar :-) Nice collection.

  2. Ooh, definately having a listen! Thanks for supplying me with my nights entertainment!

  3. This music seriously touches me in just the right way as homorotic as that sounds haha, the opener is just great man, I need to get this soon.

  4. Love the smooth sound of this.

  5. It was an odd listen for me. I didn't finish this one.

  6. I think I was too busy while hearing this. I didn't notice a sitar.


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