Thursday, May 24, 2012

Lorn - "Ghosst(s)" [Video]

These long, arduous months that I have sat waiting for the latest Lorn album Ask the Dust  to be released on Ninja Tune have been... well, synonyms of long and arduous.

So I'm not sure if this latest teaser video is a good thing or a bad thing. Or a great thing. Yeah, let's go with that. Although I'll admit it wouldn't be my first choice for a teaser (based on the previews), ranking tunes on an album such as this would be just plain futile.

Director/animator CRCR brings "Ghosst(s)" to life (or should I say death?) with this display of a morbidly morphing man... the perfect accompaniment for the somber yet engrossing sounds of Lorn's latest effort.


  1. This is so good buddy, the video is great too, like you say it really is the perfect accompaniment.

  2. Song was good, video was made by someone that does way too many drugs.

  3. Pretty disturbing video but it does go quite nicely with the music. I enjoyed it.

  4. As a teaser, I can honestly say it's doing its job. And well too. Just, not in the way one would normally expect. It's cool.

  5. The video was quite interesting, well done


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