Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Grizzler - Cubs

The grinning eel folk over at Tiburoni have returned once more, to extend an invitation to you to climb onto the anthropomorphized shoulder of London producer Grizzler, while he drifts through the vast expanse of space and time serenading you with his oddly depth-perceived keyboard, leaving swaths of sharp funk in his wake.

I don't know a single person in this world that has a valid excuse for declining that offer. Also available in nifty Compact Disc form via their bandcamp. Includes remixes from Levon Zoltar and our ever-prolific Italian friend Digi G'Alessio.

I'm finding it difficult to resist the subtle power of suggestion that is beckoning me to buy jaffas right now...


  1. I'm loving Lazyboy Mike haha, it's really damn good.

  2. Very cool almost tron like

  3. Words can;t explain how delicious this was. It'd be a cool feature for blogger to let you take a quick picture..

  4. Chill beat, feels like I'm in a game, love it!

  5. Excellent tracks! I'll be listening to this for next 2 hours or so.


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