Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Error Broadcast: V/A - Bigger Than Eight Steps to Mathematics

Always room for some tasty bootlegs on a Tuesday, especially when they come from the good people of Error Broadcast & Co.

Just the album art in itself should be enough to instill you with pure weightiness... it's either Buzz Bee's psychotic evil twin, or some sort of Donnie Darko rabbit suit / human suit nightmare.

Ah yeah the tunes... B-Ju, Montgomery Clunk, Swede:art (et al) supremely chopping up everyone from Missy to 8Ball to Dead Prez, what's not to like? Speaking of Swede and Prez, rumor has it that their single will be pressed to a 7" vinyl via Loud Minority in the near future, if that's your cup of joe. Bu in the meantime, grab these bootz, all free of charge via the bandcamp page or this mediafire link they've provided for your convenience.


  1. This is so good buddy. Really helping to cheer me up from what's been a pretty bad morning. Thanks a lot mate.

  2. I was listening to Mathematics, and kept thinking this has to be Mos Def, and it was. Anyhow, I liked that missing from this selection of raps was the misogyny I typically associate with rap. Not only where they well done cuts, but well selected to boot.

  3. Dude this wasn't for my mood but it ended up changing that. Once my head started bopping MF. I replayed and everything, downloading for sure.


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