Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Deft - 2000 EP

Croydon's Deft has a unique talent for creating tracks that can bridge the gap of electronic music's chin strokers and party go-ers: contemplative enough to be enjoyed in your own private meditations, but groovy enough to work for public gatherings where the intention is to mix and mingle.

Might as well combine the two and create your own personal dance party in your autobus during your next road trip... just be sure to keep your hands at 10 & 2 at some point, and thus concludes my party tip PSA combo community deed of the day.

Preview the dual track release below, and click here to snag it via mediafire, courtesy of the man himself.

Many thanks to Sunday Morning for scoping this one!


  1. Deft... Weird names are weird, and somehow almost every band/person/collective you talk about has an unusual name. I listened to the clip, and I didn't dislike it, but that "yeah" "yeah" or whatever at the beginning... WHY?

    ryc: you weren't the first one to comment this time (odd) but you were the first to say the dress, eventhough you didn't really see it, looked good on me :p Thanks

  2. This is utter class mate even though the name is weird like Bibi says, thanks for sharing this as always Mike.

  3. Really nice track, thanks for sharing!

  4. Well that was short.. but I think I want it.


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