Monday, May 21, 2012

Dark Tantrums - "The Growler"

Alright, now that we have our soothing Monday relaxation out of the way, what about some chest crushing bassweight from London producer Dark Tantrums?

This tune is more than enough to drag the darkness right out of you, and if that's simply not enough, Kromestar's "Noiz" is on the flip. Your subwoofer will more than likely defenestrate itself, so consider yourself forewarned. No sub? Go find one... try and catch it live at your local warehouse, knock twice and tell 'em "Skuds Larry" sent you.

Out now on Origin Audio, scoop it over at Juno or Boomkat, vinyl edition available via Catapult.


  1. A little too chaotic for me but its still not bad.

  2. UH, yes please! Way that was.. mf. Oh that thick sound is perfect.

  3. This is a wild song. I would love to see how a dj would go about mixing this in. This sounds kind of junglish with the two step beats. A lot of dj mix tape material is too damn sissified to take that on.

    I would though. LOL


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