Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Bluesteady Triptik: V/A - We Dig

Viva beatmaker Italiani! Bluesteady Triptik / HHabitat Records have unleashed a motherlode of gems straight from the heart of lo stivale, arriving directly at your earlobes courtesy of modern technology.

Digi, Colossius, 70NI, and twenty-eight others join forces for this compilation, and it's the best kind of price - completely free. So as payment you can share this with anyone who enjoys soulful modern European music, which should be anyone and everyone you encounter today.

Preview below, and use the official mediafire link to grab your own copy.


  1. Hm that was prettying interesting like a classic song mega remix

  2. I really like the vibes I get to these songs, it's a little different and jazzy than my usual taste but I think I like it, it's good on the ears for sure.

  3. Pretty good, I like some of them

  4. My favorite tracks were the shortest.. I loved a lot of tracks but they just went on too long for my tastes sometimes.


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