Monday, May 28, 2012

Blawan - BSR05

Brand new release from the man who made me interested in techno for the first time in the longest time: the one and only Blawan.

A brief, four track EP on vinyl only via the German label Black Sun Records, which has sold out in every online store that I've checked thus far, within 12 hours (updates will come as I get them). The lack of availability only makes me want it that much more.

Keep your eyes on Juno and Clone Records, hopefully a restock will follow shortly. If you see it in your local shop, buy it and send me an email and I will make you an offer.

Preview the only current available track from the album "Breathe Them Knees In" below:

(Switch to 720p for optimal listening conditions)

and also this tune of his, just because I said so:

Also, his 65 minute Boiler Room set, so you can feel it in its element.


  1. ha, listening to these songs made me flash back to the 90's. sleepovers at buddies house, playing SNES all night while neighbors next door had parties with techno playing.

  2. "why they hide their bodies..." looks and sounds nice

  3. lol, sounds kinda like 90s german techno

  4. It was interesting, the lady that jumps on the end was less so.

  5. This is pure class man, awesome music buddy, I wish this guy would release more now.

  6. Pretty catchy, and I do agree with MRanthrope and Jesus!

  7. Using the blog as negotiation grounds now.. Smart. Also, great tunes. I wouldn't go out of my way for them, but I understand why people would.

  8. great tunes...not heard of them before


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