Friday, May 25, 2012

Bearcatcher - Bearcatcher EP

Glaswegian producer Ewan Danks is doing his best to shy away from any particular category with his self-titled EP Bearcatcher, opting instead for an audio menagerie of experiences ranging from the soundtrack to a balloon lost in the wind, to something quite different but equally strangely poetic, such as a tumultuous tumble in the tundra. My point is that dynamic juxtapositions are in store. Okay fine, it's ambient, house-ish, and a little funky indie thrown in for good measure.

The album is yours for the downloading, at any cost that you're prepared to pay, including free.


  1. Better than I would've expected from it.. I like it. It's fun? I'm not sure exactly where to peg it for me..

  2. calmer shores was really pleasant. The move to Chinese chemists was surprising. In the whole it was a little wonky, and the stretched out sirens in Jesus just made me quit.


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