Thursday, May 17, 2012

Baauer - Harlem Shake

"Harlem Shake" from Brooklyn boss Baauer has been moving and shaking ears and legs since it took most mixes by storm this past month (notably Rustie's scorching BBC Radio1 Essential Mix), and it has now been officially released courtesy of Mad Decent's adjunct Jeffree's.

Shattering expectations and perplexing frail minds like my own, this release is 100% free. No complaints here, but... wow.

Download it via the official mediafire link, or through the soundcloud player below:


  1. I find it pretty funny that when I opened my Blogger it said this had been posted just four seconds ago. The music is awesome mate, so good I've listened to it twice haha, I love the hell out of the Latino vibes.

  2. Really sick beat, great stuff Mike.

  3. good beat, and you can't beat free

  4. The beginning really caught my attention, that song was awesome

  5. I find it.. just a little hard to believe this is free. I am pleased. I am very pleased.


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