Wednesday, May 30, 2012

5Y5 - (​(​(​QS​/​VS5​)​)​)

If you're unfamiliar with 5Y5, I suggest you get caught up here, but the tl;dr of that post is that it's a Digi and UXO collab.

For (​(​(​QS​/​VS5​)​)​), the subs have turned into humidifiers, and the styles have turned into rolling, tropical, sultry shakers... I could explain further but you're probably already halfway done with your coconut cooler and have already pressed play by now.

Out now for free over on Queen Spectra Records' bandcamp landing page.


  1. I'm liking it, gets you in the going mood

  2. I like this so much man, thanks for sharing this buddy, love the mood this puts me in.

  3. Although I don't know the back story, it still sounds very nice.

  4. That was aweomse. I almost forgot how good your taste in music is. I'm diving into your archive right now.

  5. Nice pulse to it, I chilled with it just fine.


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