Monday, May 14, 2012

5Y5 - 5Y5

Blink, and the Italian beat scene has passed you by... while UXO has been mingling with Colossius to form the experimental project Agents of Decay, he's also been conspiring with his other partner in crime, the one and only Digi G'Alessio, to form the more straightforward 5Y5.

Of course, the bright, funky, delicious nectar of boot-land is anything but straightforward, so I suppose I should say it's more on par with their traditional output.

Hopefully this is the beginning of a long-standing collaborative effort, but since these two usually aren't too far apart musically, I can only assume this isn't the last we'll see of 5Y5.

Name your price, courtesy of Bedroom Research.


  1. Toy Robot really cracked me up for some reason - and Lady Bug sounded just like its title!

  2. That was super fun. It'd be nice to have them at it again and see where else they can take the trip to.

  3. i loved everything except the cover artwork


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