Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Yppah - "Film Burn (ft. Anomie Belle)" [video]

Recently stumbled across the video for the lead single from Houston --> Long Beach based producer Yppah's recent album Eighty One, which is out now on the legendary Ninja Tune label.

The magic happens around 1:04, when the bassline kicks in:

As always, I recommend watching the highest quality video your bandwidth will allow (you can change it via the cog icon in the bottom righthand corner).

Eighty One is available in multiple formats via Ninja Tune and iTunes.


  1. Though its a good song through out I actually prefered it before the one minute mark! But since either side of the one minute mark is great, its like I'm spliting hairs with my comment!!

    Loved this song!!

  2. You feeling alright brother, that sounds pretty darn close to indie rock to my ear there. I like it.

  3. Way, this was super good. I'm afraid of these visual/audible duos. They can be dangerous.


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