Monday, April 2, 2012

STYLSS: V/A - ¿THA FCK? [An April Fools Compilation]

STYLSS isn't exactly a label that does anything half-way, or even all-the-way... or even triple-way. As per that tradition, their celebratory April Fools album ¿THA FCK? is no small potatoes. Consisting of 34 name-your-price beats from all sorts of artists and labels, this is yet another STYLSS release that will consume over an hour of listening time, just to make it all the way through once.

And it is glorious. Bass/trap/wonk/etc blah blah just download it! I promise there are no tricks or fooling involved (check the date if you don't trust me).


  1. I love this stuff Mike, it's seriously good work buddy from what I've heard so far. Damn you're pretty spot on with the uploads these days.

  2. This was pretty sweet. I'll try it again later though, I'm feeling for something more aggressive so I think I can't appreciate it right now.

  3. I started listening to the first track and I was thinking "really?" then fair play it kicked in nicely


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