Monday, March 5, 2012

Thrupence - Voyages EP

It's almost been an entire year since the last upload to Melbourne musician Thrupence's bandcamp, but the wait is over. Rich, ambient vibes from start to finish, this one is for the pensive bathtub crew. Perfect for taking care of that Monday stress.

No-minimum name-your-price, at least for now. Very limited 12" vinyl available as well.

Also, if you're wondering why all the album art is mind-meltingly good as well, that's no accident. Similar to Tycho, Jack Vanzet is also an illustrator and graphic designer. So keep your eye on both his sights and sounds via his official site, tumblr, soundcloud and bandcamp pages.


  1. I hope they are all as peaceful as the voyages. It was really nice to listen to.

  2. this is nice and relaxing... I'm writing a paper to it as we speak

  3. Wow, I really liked this, nice on the ears, great post there :))))

  4. Must share chillaxment with closest buddies.

  5. Glad to hear this guy's back with new stuff, sounds chill as hell to me man, I love it.


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