Friday, March 2, 2012

Sub Radar Radio 015: Cogidubnus

I hope you're ready for this one: today's episode of Sub Radar Radio comes to us courtesy of Guy Thompson, aka Cogidubnus, aka the brains behind the outstanding label Broken Bubble.

Moody and rolling tunes, blended smoothly into the best kind of audio stew. The best way for me to describe it would be to not describe it and just tell you to press play, instead. So do that.

For more Cogidubnus, be sure to wander over to his soundcloud, mixcloud, and facebook pages,  as well as all (yes all) of the releases on Broken Bubble's bandcamp.


Cogidubnus - Tricolor (Cogi's Ruby Lounge re-edit) [forthcoming Broken Bubble]
Venture - Together We Fall [Night Tracks]
Ak0pian - Check, Ehm, Music v1 []
Smaug - Holidaze []
Cogidubnus - 96 Clicks [dub]
Cogidubnus - Prism Reform (Hurtdeer's Bile City Deermix) [forthcoming Broken Bubble]
Cogidubnus & Duskky - Tomorrow Will Eat You [Broken Bubble]
Cogidubnus - At Arm's Wavelength [dub]
Cogidubnus - Voigt-Kampff VIP []
Cogidubnus - Open Shape (Outro) [Broken Bubble]


  1. From what I've heard already I can tell this one is going to be awesome, perfect for that Friday night spent in! Thanks for sharing buddy.

  2. I heard this twice while working on something. It felt so down to earth.

  3. Big mix! Love Broken Bubble. Out to Guy for including the Venture track in there too.

  4. It was better not being described, that was a good mix of tracks.

  5. Excellent! Your radio is as awesome as always.


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