Monday, March 19, 2012

Mark Aubert - Fake Island

Adding to our 3/19 release day frenzy, a retro, experimental and inspired sample-based beat tape from Bay Area producer Mark Aubert, available now in digital and limited edition cassette form.

It takes a little bit of simmering to get to the straightforward parts (if that's your cuppa tea), but definitely worth a listen all the way through, and it's on cassette! Which means it'll load up straight away in your '96 Dodge Caravan for your vintage themed beach road trip.


  1. I'd love to own this on cassette, especially if I had a cassette player, awesome sounds man. As soon as the changes hit in Over I knew this was gonna be a good one! I found Walk On Boy to be a little weak out of what I've heard so far but have no arguments with the rest of the songs I've heard!

  2. Wow that first song is all over the place! I love it! (the first few seconds really hooked me! then the jumping around kept me listening!!)

    lol! The second songs like a funny adventure! Excellent!

    Love the song Throwbak! I love piano stuff! that devolves in to beats!

    Wow! The last songs really difine the whole album! Its like the album really finds its voice in the last four songs!

    Great album!! (and I love the fact its on casette!)

  3. that was soo weird, it kept shifting gears on that first song I just wasn't sure what to think.

  4. That was chill.. vintage sounding samples which was very interesting. I think I like it? I'm not even sure.

  5. It is definitely my cup of tea! I love them!


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