Friday, March 23, 2012

Kingbastard - Lost Property

Pensive shoegaze... perfect for my trip out to the foggy beaches later today. An amazingly chilled and moody release from UK producer Kingbastard, I have no idea why I slept on this for a few weeks, but here it is.

CD versions have sold out at this point (I know, I know), but the digital version includes hi-res art for each track (16 in all), as well as a bonus tune.


  1. D.U.S.T. sounds very Pink Floyd like to me or something, I'm in for a serious treat with these tonight.

  2. Oh that was so chill. Some moments made me feel like I was in a Tarantino movie, but even then it was chill moments.

  3. Surprise, surprise, the first one didn't work for me, but the SECOND one did and I looooooved it!!!

  4. dust was cool and airy, I dug it. Couldn't say I noticed that old blue was even playing. Danlan is too low key to "like" but its okay filler. abandoned played and I didn't even realize it was playing. and that's as far as I cared to play


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