Monday, March 26, 2012

Free The Beats Vol. 7

Still buzzing off of the latest edition of Rubber Beats that I mentioned yesterday, but thankfully there is yet another free compilation for me to share with you today, this time from the Aussie jam gem hunters over at FreeTheBeats.

If you ever scour the internet for good music (and who doesn't), you probably realize how daunting it can be to put a compilation like this together. Sure, there's mind-blowing amounts of amazing music out there, but sifting through everything else to get to them is not a task for the weak spirited. So let's give them due credit by having a listen, perhaps grabbing the free download, or if you're feeling extra awesome, you can order a limited edition handmade CD copy via the bandcamp landing page.


  1. Amazing stuff Mike. Thanks so much for sharing buddy.

  2. Yet again, you manage to find good music for me. I love you.

  3. Oh they're all great, and I do appreciate the work put into it, but it doesn't feel comfortable to me for just one continuos listen. Feels like a decent ipod on shuffle.


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