Wednesday, March 14, 2012

EPROM - "Can Control"

Details about Bay Area producer EPROM's highly anticipated release Metahuman on Rwina Records had been few and far between, the last time I took to digging for them... well flash forward to right now, where Rwina has uploaded the album art, the track list, the potential release date, and the first track off of the flip, "Can Control".

This is, like most EPROM tunes, best experienced at full volume at a decent venue, but for now our speakers and headphones will suffice.

Stream "Can Control" below, I'll put the Metahuman release details after the jump.

Artist: EPROM
Title: Metahuman
Label: Rwina Records
Cat No: RWINALP001
Release Date: Late May / Early June


A1 Honey Badger
A2 Metahuman
A3 Prototype
B1 Can Control
B2 Floating Palace
B3 Transparency

C1 Variations
C2 Love Number
C3 Sun Death
D1 The Golden Planet
D2 Needle Trasher
D3 Raytracing


  1. I really like this music and find the album cover awesome too.

  2. For whatever reason I couldn't listen to it here. I refreshed about 5 times and tried fast forwarding just a few seconds. Maybe I'm having comp issues today? Whatever, I went directly to the soundcloud an BAM, awesome sounds. Want more now!

  3. Combine street reference, and drug reference and a lazy beat.

  4. That album art is pretty amazing. Also, I really enjoy that they have a track. called Honey Badger. Thumbs up to the reference.

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