Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Boards of Canada Confirm New Album [Updated]


In quite possibly the best news in electronic music this year, Scottish duo Boards of Canada have just confirmed the rumors of a new album, their first in almost six long, cold, BoC-less years.

So far there are no leaked tracks, no snippets of album art, no release date, not even a rumor of an album name... but those three letters are sweet enough for any fan to begin to salivate profusely.

In case you're new to them, I'll include a couple videos after the jump break so you can join in the exuberance:

If this is your first encounter with this group, I implore you to spend some time digging through their entire catalog when you have some time. Actually, scratch that. Make some time.

Update 03/14/12:
So P4K apparently has a quote from a Warp representative saying "They are definitely working on new material, but there is nothing in the cards at the moment in terms of a scheduled release."

Where does that leave us? Well, exactly where we started. I have no ideas concerning Boards of Canada's contractual obligations to Warp, so I won't speculate there. All we know is that the brains behind the Facebook page (which happens to be MDG) have retracted their "Yes" answer on the Facebook page, and that BoC are "definitely working on new material".

If it never comes to fruition? In a way, I would understand... upholding/changing a legacy isn't exactly something that everyone involved with Boards would take lightly.


  1. im looking forward to their new album.

  2. Yes yes, I heard! It's exciting but it'll be even more exciting to get to hear it. What it means is time to hear some BoC just because.. :D

  3. That's awesome news Mike. I actually love the music in the videos too, can't wait to see what these guys cook up.

  4. Man I was trying to listen to this, but one of my other tabs was making noise. I took the whole song to figure it out.


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