Sunday, March 18, 2012

Artist Radar: Henry Krinkle

Henry Krinkle has a set of sample and groove chopping skills that I haven't seen stateside in quite some time. Hailing from Wellington/WPB Florida, Mr. Krinkle is making waves in my neck of the interwoods with his tunes, which is even more impressive considering he seems to only have set up his internet presence over the past month or so.

Back to Me by Henry Krinkle.

There's not even a particular sound that I can really categorize him overall, as each track seems to be a collection of three or more different songs in and of themselves. Fans of all the future garage / juke, etc. wave of dance music will certainly appreciate these tunes, but they even have a smooth and soulful side to them as well.

For more Henry Krinkle, you can find his presence in these corners of the internet: facebook, bandcamp, soundcloud, youtube, tumblr and twitter.

More tunes after the jump:

Track 05 [preview] by Henry Krinkle.
Ibrahim Ferrer - Ay Candela (Henry Krinkle Refix) by Henry Krinkle.


  1. I really like the first song on this, great stuff man.

  2. cool tracks...just the stuff for a sunday

  3. Wow this guy is awesome. Such variety, I love it.

  4. Nah, I don't like these ones.

  5. Great bunch, I still haven't found one to dislike out of the ones you've posted thus far.

  6. I wasn't into it, but they didn't seem to be glitch so thanks for that.


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