Thursday, February 16, 2012

Amor, est. - City Birds

There are so many things about Denver musician Amor, est.'s City Birds album that I really enjoy: the classical influences, the abrupt style changes, the themed tracks, the puns and punctuation...

The first couple of tracks on this release really had me scratching my head, but once "Lesser Flamingo" came on, I was sure that this producer was up to something special. After a full listen through, you can appreciate it as a whole: the jazz, the bass, the experimental moments... yes, even the puns... especially the puns.

Anyway, have a listen through, and be sure to not judge this by any one track, it's multifaceted enough to be explored as a whole. Oh and did I mention that the entire album, plus almost a whole extra album of remixes is available for free? Yep.


  1. Normally I comment, THEN download/purchase/whatever. In this case the immediate download of this amazing piece of art was more important. The first three tracks totally sold me. After that it had its bumpy roads, but it was still real decent. Insta-love!

  2. Really solid set of tracks here. One of the best of your posts I think! Great stuff. Mute Swan is fantastic.

  3. As an artist, I love texture, variety and interest. This album has all that and more! Each track has so many awesome layers and is so wonderfully different from the last, it's hard to pick a favourite! People usually frown upon concept albums, but this one rocks! Yay free music! Love it! :)

  4. This would be a perfect soundtrack for my favorite radio program "Pigeons in the News"

  5. Love the hell out of this one mate, definitely going to be bookmarking this and downloading it, just wow.

  6. i like that pterodactyl sound in the 3rd song. fuckyeah pterodactyls!

    1. Hahaha. I actually imagined that it was a flamingo at first but now that you mention it, I can't help but imagine a pterodactyl instead.

  7. I think this is my favorite one that you've posted yet! Who knew Denver was hiding such talent??? lol

  8. This is like out of a trippy Disney movie.

    And I've tagged you! link


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