Thursday, January 19, 2012

M|o|o|n - Moon EP

Boston's own M|o|o|n released his self-titled EP independently last November, and somehow I'm only just now hearing about it.

A little more straightforward than a lot of the recent features here, but by no means does that mean it's any less groovy. As the nephew of recently retired James Murphy (LCD Soundsystem), it seems as though M|o|o|n is stepping in to keep that electronic bloodline flowing at full force.

The album is name-your-price, however 20% of all proceeds are donated to The Elixir Fund to help patients and families deal with their individual battles with cancer.


  1. I'm sad it's only 4 tracks. It left me wanting more. Great EP.

  2. ima download this, i often find i like EP's better than full length albums :)

  3. Great music, great cause, sold. I mean really, how dare that be so catchy.

  4. I'm annoyed by the name, but I liked the music. It was quite peaceful.


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