Tuesday, May 31, 2011

LA Artist Feature - Shlohmo

And no, I'm not talking about Shlomo Pestcoe, the accordion player. He's not from LA otherwise I'd totally do an artist feature on him.

Shlohmo, real name Mr. Henry Laufer, makes music that's lo-fi, psychedelic, and pretty much downright tasty, if I'm honest.

Growing up listening to Amon Tobin and DJ Shadow, the art of blending real world elements into electronic music is strong in this young jedi.

I've caught him at Low End Theory several times, and while his own productions are laid back, he knows his tunes and mixing.

Anyway I'm sure none of you are even reading this far so let's get to the tunes!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

FlyLo Essential Mix

SHAZAM!~ Straight into your hearing holes from the magic of the internet, I bring you Flying Lotus' Essential Mix he did waaaaay back in 2008.

So if you have a moment, and believe me, you do.... give this a listen and let FlyLo pour his sonic honey into your gaping sound receptors.

Can't embed it because blogger/soundcloud are being wacky, so give this a click and enjoy!

01 [0:01:26] Alice Coltrane "Galaxy In Turiya" (1973) [Impulse!] (4:48)
02 [0:06:14] Charlie Hayden + Egberto Gismonti/GonjaSufi "Testament" (2008) [Warp] (2:56)
03 [0:09:10] Flying Lotus "Massage Situation (Stripped)" (2007) [Warp] (3:00)
04 [0:12:10] Dimlite "Sun-Sized Twinkles" (2010) [Now Again] (2:36)
05 [0:14:46] Flying Lotus "Robertaflack ft. Dolly" (2008) [Warp] (0:58)
06 [0:15:44] Flying Lotus "Robertaflack (Mike Slott Reflunk)" (2008) [Warp] (1:33)
07 [0:17:17] Mr Beatnick ft. Ahu "I Know All The Bitches (Bullion Remix)" (2008) [Altered Vibes] (1:14)
08 [0:18:31] Heralds Of Change "A Muse" (2007) [All City Records] (1:16)
09 [0:19:47] Carlos Y Gaby "Happy Summer Solstice (I Love You, I Laugh You)" (2007) [Alpha Pup] (1:26)
10 [0:21:13] Pudge "Yung Infamous" (2008) [Unreleased] (1:32)
11 [0:22:45] Dorothy Ashby "Myself When Young" (2007) [Dusty Groove America] (0:17)
12 [0:23:02] Nosaj Thing "Bach" (2009) [Alpha Pup] (1:03)
13 [0:24:05] Low Limit "Turf Day" (2009) [Rush Hour] (1:31)
14 [0:25:36] Flying Lotus "Infinitum (Dimlite Re-finitum)" (2009) [Warp] (2:11)
15 [0:27:47] Clark "Springtime Epigram" (2006) [Warp] (0:54)
16 [0:28:41] Burial "Shutta" (2007) [Hyperdub] (2:10)
17 [0:30:51] Nobody Pres. Blank Blue "Blank Blue (Flying Lotus Remix)" (2008) [Ubiquity] (2:00)
18 [0:32:51] Daedelus "I’m String Struck" (2008) [Unreleased] (1:31)
19 [0:34:22] MRR-ADM Ft. Malcolm Catto "Untitled" (2008) [Self Released] (1:39)
20 [0:36:01] Daedelus/Madvillain "Experience Accordion (Flying Lotus Live Remix)" (2004) [Stones Throw] (1:29)
21 [0:37:30] Hudson Mohawke "ZOo00OOm" (2009) [Warp] (0:45)
22 [0:38:15] Modeselektor "The Black Block (Rustie Remix)" (2008) [BPitch Control] (0:54)
23 [0:39:09] Teebs & Jackhigh "Idea 1 (Clutch)" (2010) [Svetlana Industries] (1:25)
24 [0:40:34] MatthewDavid "Tallahassee Tapes" (2008) [Plug Reaserch] (3:03)
25 [0:43:37] Martyn/Flying Lotus "Vancouver"/"Pet Monster Shotglass" (2008) [3024]/(2006) [Plug Research] (2:02)
26 [0:45:39] Fulgeance "Chico (Dorian Concept RMX)" (2008) [Musique Large] (0:59)
27 [0:46:38] Joker "Solid State" (2009) [Kapsize] (2:16)
28 [0:48:54] Rusko "Moaners" (2009) [Sub Soldiers] (1:31)
29 [0:50:25] Daddy Kev "Invite8" (2008) [Unreleased] (0:52)
30 [0:51:42] Ras G "Star Messenger" (2009) [Hit+Run] (1:17)
31 [0:52:34] Madlib "Unreleased Gem" (2008) [Unreleased] (2:03)
32 [0:54:37] Samiyam "Cheesecake Backslap" (2008) [Hyperdub] (0:40)
33 [0:55:17] Knowledge "Dawn" (2008) [Unreleased] (1:12)
34 [0:56:29] FLYamSAM "Princess Toadstool" (2009) [Bootleg] (1:07)
35 [0:57:36] Sa-Ra Creative Partners "Hollywood (Redux)" (2007) [Babygrande] (2:04) [1]
36 [0:59:40] Muhsinah/Flying Lotus "With Me"/"Melt!" (2008) [Unreleased]/(2008) [Warp] (1:36)
37 [1:01:16] Flying Lotus "Dissecto (Original Mix)" (2008) [Unreleased] (1:21)
38 [1:02:37] Flying Lotus "Breathe" (2008) [Warp] (2:10)
39 [1:04:47] Mike Slott "Home" (2009) [Fat City] (2:12)
40 [1:06:59] Flying Lotus "Sangria Spin Cycles (Ambient Mix)" (2010) [The Do-Over] (1:23)
41 [1:08:22] Danny Breaks "Cosmic Dust" (2008) [Unreleased] (2:18)
42 [1:10:40] Flying Lotus "Beginners Falafel (Free The Robots Remix)" (2008) [Unreleased] (2:21)
43 [1:13:01] Samiyam "Falafel Cannon" (2008) [Unreleased] (1:01)
44 [1:14:02] Flying Lotus "Beginners Falafel" (2008) [Warp] (1:01)
45 [1:15:03] Slum Village "Players (Instrumental)" (2000) [Good Vibe] (0:22)
46 [1:15:25] Flying Lotus "Cackle" (2008) [Unreleased] (0:31)
47 [1:15:56] Flying Lotus "Raise It Up" (2009) [Hit+Run] (0:31)
48 [1:16:27] Osborne ft. Ed DMX "Our Definition Of A Breakdown" (2008) [Spectral Sound] (1:01)
49 [1:17:28] Baron Zen "Burn Rubber (Däm-Funk Remix)" (2007) [Stones Throw] (2:38)
50 [1:20:06] Mono/Poly "Needsdeodorantbitch" (2008) [Unreleased] (2:31)
51 [1:22:37] Chocolate Star/Nelly Furtado ft. Timberland "Stay With Me"/"Promiscuous" (2007) [Stones Throw]/(2006) [Geffen] (0:57)
52 [1:23:34] Gonjasufi "Suzie Q" (2010) [Warp] (1:53)
53 [1:25:27] King Midas Sound "Lost (Flying Lotus Live Remix)" (2008) [Unreleased]/(2008) [Hyperdub] (2:00)
54 [1:26:25] Rusko/Flying Lotus "Terminal3"/"Tea Leaf Dancers (Live Remix)" (2008) [Unreleased]/(2007) [Warp] (0:58)
55 [1:28:25] Daedelus "Hrs:Mins:Secs (Beat Invitational Version)" (2008) [Unreleased] (3:41) [2]
56 [1:32:06] Kode9&Flying Lotus "Kryon" (2008) [Unreleased] (1:36)
57 [1:33:42] Zomby "Spliff Dub (Rustie Remix)" (2008) [Hyperdub] (1:30)
58 [1:35:12] Busta Rhymes "What Up" (2002) [J Records] (0:15)
59 [1:35:27] Samiyam "Crystal Lake" (2008) [Unreleased] (1:21)
60 [1:36:48] Weather Report "River People" (1978) [CBS] (0:18)
61 [1:37:06] Samiyam "Flintstone Car" (2008) [Unreleased] (1:46)
62 [1:38:52] Flying Lotus "Backpack Caviar" (2008) [Beat Records] (1:48)
63 [1:40:40] Radiohead "Reckoner (Flying Lotus Remix)" (2008) [Unreleased] (3:08)
64 [1:43:48] Björk "All Is Full Of Love" (1999) [One Little Indian] (4:17)
65 [1:48:05] Broadcast "Winter Now" (2003) [Warp] (0:37)
66 [1:48:42] Portishead "Elysium" (1997) [Go! Beat] (2:48)
67 [1:51:30] Linda Perhacs "Hey, Who Really Cares?" (2003) [The Wild Places] (2:32)
68 [1:54:02] Flying Lotus "Infinitum (Exile Remix)" (2008) [Warp] (2:56)
69 [1:56:58] Flying Lotus "Live Set Practice Run" (2:06)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

New Free Baths EP

Well, not quite.

My buddy Will has released yet another EP called "Bless the Self" under his ambient side project Geotic, and once again it doesn't disappoint.

Click here to go to his wonderfully retro Angelfire page where this and all previous albums are located for free download.

He does however remind all his fans to take notice of the donate button, but it's optional as always.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Post Rapture Wrap-Up

Well, it's not 6pm yet here in LA, but after speaking with friends from across the globe, I think it's safe to say that the fringe-group prediction wasn't as truthful as promised.... bummer. Hopefully those people learned a lesson from needlessly euthanizing their pets and spending their kids college funds on billboards (oh yes, it happened :[ ).

Anyway, let's put all this behind us. Here's my post-rapture song, what's yours?

Friday, May 20, 2011

Sweat Records' Music Video Winner.... Amazing

The Sweat Records music video contest finally has a winner....

and it goes to Rachel Goodrich, who decided to avoid the whimsy-fest and took an interesting choice in video design, resulting in one of the best things i've seen in a long time.


Thursday, May 19, 2011

So That Happened.... (Zombies)

In case you're not aware, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) just put this tasty little tidbit on their website:


It's well worth the read, but since you're a dweller of the internet I'm sure you're already well read on the subject of zombie preparedness.

The traffic/uproar that this post caused actually brought down CDC's website.... which is reassuring, you know, in case of an actual emergency. I wanted to post this last night but I'm not in the business of sending people to dead links, and the Google cache was even acting wonky.

Anyway, read up and remember that this is no indication of any potential threat so you can sleep tight and everything is safe and oh my god we're all going to die.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Short Movie Feature - Synesthesia

So, last night (this morning, actually) I had a dream that was super surreal and slightly stressful. It involved me walking around a hilly village type setting (think Smoky Mountains). Hills and a lake, filled with strange characters, mostly degenerates, and some survival cowboy type dudes (I blame the NBC show Community's 2nd season finale for that).

Anyway, I know most people hate reading about other people's dreams, so I won't rant.

But I ran across this little piece of hipster soup and it reminded me of how strange things can really be sometimes, and is actually a clever way of demonstrating synesthesia in a new and weird way.

Check out the Future Shorts channel when you're done, all sorts of hipster tidbits lie within.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Attn: Bon Iver Fans

In case you haven't heard, Bon Iver is dishing out a free download of the first track off of their new album, which lands June 21.

All you have to do is give them your email, and i've read through the privacy policy so you don't have to (aint i sweet), and they're not going to sell your email to spammers.

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeres Bonny:

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Interwebs Radio Update

Remember way back when (last week) when I mentioned internet radio and how awesome it was?

Well, my top pick Pandora just added a series of "comedy" channels to their site. And let me tell you, it's awesome. Newschool comedy has the likes of Louis CK, Patton Oswalt and Aziz Ansari, and there are classic channels for Richard Pryor and company. It features little snippets from various standups/shows, so every five minutes it plays a new comedian/comedienne doing an awesome bit.

Unfortunately I cannot listen to standup and do anything productive at the same time, so for now I have to listen when I'm doing almost nothing at all, which I'm suddenly finding more time to do.

Monday, May 9, 2011

LA Artist Feature - The Bangerz

EEEEEEE LOOK WHO'S BACK! Moving is like pulling teeth. Out of your house. House teeth.

Anyway, turns out Squareweezy is playing Low End Theory this Wednesday, so I figured now is a good a time as any to review his group The (Finger) Bangerz.

In case you don't know, The Bangerz of San Jose are a group who produce glitch-hop and other music that dancers like to "pop" to. "Popping" is like "dancing" except you look like you have to buffer every now and then, and usually involves bucket hats and jumpsuits.

The Bangerz owe quite a bit of their success to these aforementioned "poppers", as their rise out of local obscurity occurred when the experimental "popping squad" Jabbawockeez featured a few of their songs in their routines as they charged through the ranks of the show America's Got Talent.... which quite a few million people watch, and apparently they enjoy these sorts of things.

I can only assume that this is the point in time when they changed their name from Fingerbangerz to just Bangerz, as I'm sure they realized that the name sounded like highschool bathroom graffiti.

Don't forget Squareweezy will be at Low End on Wednesday, so this would be an ideal moment to get out and "pop" to your hearts content in the crowd at the Airliner.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thom Yorke Returns to LET

That's right, last night Mr. King of Limbs made his second surprise visit to the Airliner. Rather than yammer on about how cool it was, I'll just leave this HD footage here:

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Almost Done Moving!

I'll be all moved in to my new place by Friday, so I'll slowly be resuming my daily chatter here.

Pics and whatnot to follow.

Oh and click here if you're interested in having an asian lady following your cursor with her eyes. Totally not creepy at all.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Famous Overnight

So, you know what the big headline is in America today, and I found it really a sign of the times that the first reports of the Osama raid were on twitter.... As a fervent hater of twitter, I must concede my hate for a moment and pat them on the back.

You might be wondering what I'm talking about. Well, as it turns out, there was a guy in Abbottabad who inadvertently live-tweeted the raid as it was happening!

Crazy how connected we are these days. Tweets below.