Thursday, March 31, 2011


This is what I get for browsing a hipster's tumblr....

Some people need their cameras/computers taken away. Gargling milk  art. If you're going to be weird at least do something impressive like Chriddof of The Chriddof Archives. This is just retarded, the most it will do is get some some college kid kicked out of the computer lab.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Quick Update

Just making this quick post while I'm at work, I've been working on that tune I promised (late nights, the only time i seem to ever have time to do things that I actually want to do)...

It's turning out really.... strange. After battling with it for awhile, it's turned into this Matthew Barney-esque hipster project, (except it doesn't take nine hours to listen to).

It's turned into more of an audio story than a song... once I saw what was emerging, I crafted it with a specific life event in mind, or what I could imagine that event being.

I'm probably giving it way too much credit and it's most likely rubbish, but I thought i'd give you a heads up. I'll work on the track some more tonight and then post the song tomorrow regardless of how done it feels, and then tell the story behind it the next day. So you can get excited, or at least feign excitement while waiting.

Pointless blog post? Pointless blog post. Keep calm and carry balm.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Smooth Experimental Mix

Found this when I woke up this morning, and have been listening to it ever since. Really chill mix, with a clever variety of tunes.

The kicker for me (and the reason I'm posting it here) is the end...

Hudson Mohawke > Darkstar > Joy Orbison's Four Tet remix

These tunes mix SO well together, and are an amazing way to end a mix. Have a listen if you need some background music.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Look At These Fucking Hipsters

Ugh, if there's one thing i cant stand, it's hipsters. Daydreaming 20-somethings who shove their pretentious forms of art down your throat constantly, because it's too shitty to be noticed otherwise. Honestly, if this is a troll, then I'm even angrier because they spent time making a dumb video and then  asking for $25K on a legitimate charity site.

Something worse than hipsters? Hipsters that ask for your money so they can pursue their hipsterish bullshit.

Case in point.... these motherfuckers... "Forts & the Inbetween".

In case you haven't heard, they want $25K to drive around the US and build "forts" and tell stories with people and pretend to be deep intellectuals.

Aww.. they want money to drive around and drink PBR and tell stories... how cute. If I couldn't think of a billion ways to spend $25K and actually help people, this would be endearing. Newsflash: there's already a charitable fort-building organization that does more than help people express their feelings toward an interpretive art-dance in a house made out of quilts... it's called Habitat For Humanity. So please, instead of donating to these guys or anyone like them, donate to HFH.

You may be wondering why i'm so angry. It's because you haven't seen the video yet. And I'm not surprised, since they took it down out of shame and cancelled their fundraiser before they became the new Rebecca Black. But this is the internet and nothing ever dies (seems like they're unable to delete the original video from the site, despite canceling their ridiculous plea)  so here it is for you to watch:

... go ahead and watch, i'll wait....

well that didn't take long, could you not get through the first minute either? personally i stopped once they started smirking and distracting the highway drivers of San Diego, telling them to build fucking forts...

anywho, Cody Johnston has created this hilariously awesome alternate ending, which is far more enjoyable to watch:

EQ Tutorial

So, I had a friend come up to me and ask me to teach him how to EQ.

I agreed, but i told him to read this tutorial first, and then come back and ask about anything he doesn't understand.

He called me later to thank me, and that was it. That's how good this tutorial is, and i figured i'd share it with all of you, since you probably have varying degrees of experience.

If it helps just one person i'm glad that i posted it.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Libyan Badass

That is all. 

Yes i know it doesn't fit into my blog design but it needed to be that big so you get the full effect of the badassery

I know, i know... i'll get back to LA music and stuff soon, i promise, but it's Friday and i have the day off so here we are.

Oh and rumor has it that in honor of Burial releasing new tunes, i think ill actually finish up a tune of my own and post it up here, because that's way more exciting and i'm way more cool and talented than Burial.

Joking of course but this will be the first tune of mine that gets out into the fresh, musky air of the internet in at least a year. w00t. Also it's experimental and ambient because i wanted to write a song that sounded like no other songs out there *puts on hipster glasses*

anyway, more about that when i actually post it. Hope your friday is kickin.

Oh and if you're in LA and are looking for a show tonight, and don't mind driving South to San Marcos, there's a dubstep/dnb night at the Cowshed, 21+, 502 E. Mission Rd.

Oh and remember that Low End Theory Japan benefit next thursday?? Well the lineup is getting announced soon and it turns out Pure Filth is lending them some subs.... excited? You bet your pretty pink panties i am.

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Many thanks to Low Frequencies for this tip... solid!

New Burial tunes are coming out on Monday, digital and vinyl, and there are radio rips of some of the tunes played on Benji B's radio show floating around...

EDIT: Replaced radio snippets with full length versions.... no clue where these sprouted up from

EDIT2: Replaced full lengths with radio snippets, i should have guessed they wouldn't be up for long

I want to eat these tunes with some gravy on the side... delicious!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Challenge Accepted (and Low End Theory details at the bottom)

Received a challenge from Resolve after this post to write a short story using all the random words. Read it, or be a jerk and don't read it.

So here we go...

To Sri Lanka
     There was, of course, the captain! The thought struck him like an aneurism, as it was a most daring move to stand up to the brusque helmsman. He had actually never had a proper conversation with him since begrudgingly signing the sailing contract, only serving blindly to pay off his debts after the incident. A promise is a promise, and the only way to keep it and prove to his love that he would see her again would be to convince the captain to sail miles off course. "Miles off course!" his brain laughed back at him, reveling in the sheer stupidity of asking the captain such a thing.

      It was the only way, once the ship returned to shore the cartel would meet him with swift justice, for he knew that it wasn't about the money anymore. They killed out of principle. He would never even have a chance, he knew that pleading with the captain was the way not only to keep his promise and be with his love, but to survive. He had dug his hole far too deep at this point. They had alleged that he had cheated them, and if talking to the captain was hard, reasoning with the cartel would be impossible.

     He walked to the captain's quarters and peered through a small hole in the door frame. There he was, slowly chewing on his ragi (it was all we had left aside from dry fish, everything else had been infested with whiteflies and weevils), going over a notation of a sailing song while humming quietly, wondering how to arrange his neumes to perfection.
"Typical." The sailor murmured. "Gets us to do all th' work and instead of charting our course he's just farting around writing his music. Hardly the icon that the rest of the crew make him out to be." He was so full of hate at this point that he couldn't possibly fair well trying to be a pleading lector to the captain. His head was pounding and he felt the full burden of his situation (as well as a full days labor) push on every bone in his body.

    The sailor retreated to the servant's quarters and climbed onto his wooden bunk, wrapping his old wisent-skin blanket around himself. He took out his rough wooden comb, smoothed out his beard, and wept internally over his dilemma while his splitting headache only increased, feeling like a million abamps seizing every dentate region of his brain. He took out his flask of rum, took a few hearty chugs, and lay down to give his body a rest.

    The shimmery water didn't look real anymore, nothing did. Even the moon looked like a poorly done gobo.  As he stood before the oxblood colored helm, watching the captains blood run down from his hands to his elbows, his guileful actions felt not daunting, but liberating. One burden to replace all others and depurate his soul. He realized that all the evil in the world felt justified to see her again, and his grimace turned into a grin. He prised the lock off the helm and jerked it starboard. Hearing the rudder creak in agreement, he was now finally on his way to Sri Lanka.

There you have it folks! Anyway, I did that in one go and I hate editing things so if there are any typos or grammar errors or whatever then you'll have to deal with it.

Oh and in non-silly-story-land, tonight is LOW END THEORY's Number Showcase, but you already knew that.

  • Low Limit
  • Deadboy
  • Jackmaster
  • All the residents
At the Airliner (18+)
2419 N. Broadway
LA CA 90031


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Cyanine Pizza

 Good evening (or morning, depending on where you are and when you read this)

Just thought I'd type out some random words, who knows they may inspire you or boost your daily intake of strange vocabulary or something.

Abamp. Oxblood. Icon. Wisent. Allege. Prise.
Neume. Guileful.
Shimmery. Whitefly. Gobo.
Prove. Brusque. Dentate. Ragi (Finger millet).
Stand. Lector. Depurate. Helmsman.

There you go! Have a good day/night all you lovely people.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Not Your Average Night Slugs Fanboy Post

So I've been intrigued with the infamous Night Slugs for awhile now (if you haven't heard of them [hah] then this is a great place to start.

Anyway, I was browsing some of the official mixes, and I came across a Night Slugs mix that really impressed me... and it was by some random guy named Baffle, not affiliated with Night Slugs at all!

The kicker is, when I found this guy's amazing mix, he had 3.... yes 3 total views. o_0

Yeah I don't understand it either.

But the mix introduced me to this incredible tune:

Which led me to this awesome adaptation of it:

I know, by now you're scratching yourself frantically and impatiently awaiting the link to the mix...

well, stop that scratching and put some ointment on those scabs because here you go:

Low End Theory Japan Benefit

On Thursday, March 31, Daddy Kev and the rest of the LET badmen are throwing an event for aid to Japan at the Echoplex. Since it's a much larger venue, they're expecting a much larger turnout. So if you're reading this and you're anywhere near LA, this is not a night to be missed.

The residents will all be there, but the real kicker is their promise of "special guests". Just hearing those words in a Low End Theory context makes me go all giddy with excitement. Who knows what surprises they have in mind, and of course the minute I hear anything further I will be blogging like a hipster on crack.

Anyway, it's $10 and 100% of the proceeds go to Japan. Jamming out for a good cause, it doesn't get much better than that. Also make sure that you remember it's on a Thursday rather than the traditional Wednesday.

9pm-2am (18+)
1154 Glendale Blvd.
LA, Ca 90026

And here's a LET video just for the hell of it:

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Kutiman Does It Again

Okay, so once in awhile I come across something like this it makes me really excited to live in the era that I do. Sure, I would love to have explored ancient Egypt in its prime, or experienced the Renaissance, but I can't, so I appreciate that I can talk to you right here right now, wirelessly and globally, exhibiting someone's talent to utilize our advanced technology in a musical way. Suck it, Hatshepsut.

Annnyyyway, Kutiman has put together a new video. In case you don't know, he takes random videos from Youtube and arranges them into a song. This time, I think he's outdone himself.

Really feeling the vibe of this one, if you don't enjoy the song or the craft/effort put into this, then you're a terrible, terrible critic.

Would probably mistake this for an official Bonobo tune if I didn't know it was Kutiman. Seriously, the girl that he samples could definitely give Bajka a run for her money... would love to get her in the studio and get some samples.

Hopefully you're not even reading this far and you're already listening to the tune.

If you liked this then you should check out the rest of his channel

Blue Daisy's Armchair Dancefloor Mix

I always love mixes that are made up entirely of songs I've never heard before...

This is one of those mixes, and it took me completely off guard. That Rustie tune at the end is sultry!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Long Lost + FlyLo

Here's a little treat from the archives for you, a Flying Lotus remix of another LA electronic artist's side project!

The group The Long Lost is comprised of the man with the magic muttonchops, Daedelus, and his wife Laura Darlington. The group also features some of their friends backing on violin, flute, and other various instruments ranging from guitar to xylophone.

This is the FlyLo remix of their single "Wobegone", and I think you'll agree it is quite tasty. For more info on The Long Lost I suggest you check out their myspace.

Friday, March 18, 2011

LA Artist Feature - Baths, the James Blake of LA

When I first moved to LA, I lived within sight of the Warner Center Towers, right in the heart of Woodland Hills. Naturally I explored the scene, and much to my surprise, the San Fernando Valley was a haven away from the huge warehouse parties downtown, and home to lots of small groups of friends that would get together and drink/play music and have the occasional house party.

Not too far north from me in the valley lay Chatsworth, a busy little suburb filled with lots of small stores/fast food restaurants. I remember hanging out and got wind of a show going on. Up behind the PA came a similar sound of the hipsters of Murfreesboro (where I went to college), except something was different, the music was really good. Complex but groovy, right up my alley. I introduced myself to the man behind the music, and learned his name was Will. We saw each other a couple of times after that, and could easily joke around.

I loved his tunes and spread them around my friends, who also enjoyed them.

A few weeks later, out of the blue, I was reading the LA Weekly, and boom, the same Will who had been blowing up house parties in Chatsworth had a full-page feature, under the name Baths.

Now, he's touring, selling out venues and spreading the warm house party vibes all around the world. I even heard mumblings from my old college town celebrating his music. Never had the world seemed so small.

If you haven't heard his tunes, you're in for a treat. His vibe is instantly catchy and his personality really shines through each track. In my opinion he's LA's very own James Blake.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Short Movie Feature

Okay, I know this isn't from LA, but neither am I. I just love the scene here, so I blog about it.

I'm originally from South Africa, and if there's anything that people know about South Africa (aside from the paragraph about apartheid in their 8th grade history books), it's Die Antwoord. This rap group has made headlines due to their eclectic act and devil-may-care attitude.

Parts of them exemplify what I miss about South Africa (not including a good boerewors sandwich).

I hadn't really paid that much attention to them, because their music isn't really my taste, I liked them and the beats but they almost seemed like they were trying too hard.

Anyway, naturally when I heard that they were starring in an experimental indie film, I had to check it out.

And to my surprise, I actually really liked it. Not just because I got the message due to growing up in Joburg, but because they can actually act really well, and you can tell they take themselves seriously, but not seriously enough to not goof off every once in awhile.

Enough of my jabber, here it is [NSFW, language]:

Low End Theory 3/16/11

Another Wednesday, another Low End Theory!

This week's lineup:

  • Dibiase
  • Mono/Poly
  • Tricky T
  • + most of the Residents
Doors at 10, 18+, $10
2419 N. Broadway LA CA

Oh, and I'm reading your mind right now and guessing that you're interested in looking at some HD footage of Thom Yorke's DJ set from last week? Especially because it starts with him jiggling out to Burial? Of course you are (thanks to Theo Jemison for the footage):

RIP - Nate Dogg

Press-Telegram confirms reports of Nathaniel Hale's death, at 41. Musically known as Nate Dogg, he was truly the soulful voice of hip-hop.

A true west coast hero, you have most definitely already heard of him, so let's take this day to remember the man with the silky smooth voice who helped blend soul into hip-hop.

Written as a tribute to 2pac, this song now epitomizes our feelings today:

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

LA Artist Feature - Daddy Kev

     It is safe to say that the underground hip-hop world as a whole (not just in LA) would be strikingly different if Daddy Kev had never been around. He is the traditional catch-all: producer, engineer, DJ, and record label owner. Finding a man who has influenced LA's bass scene more than Daddy Kev would be a tough job, since he's almost solely responsible for introducing the world to LA's underground sound.

     If you have ever enjoyed the works of Busdriver, Sole, Flying Lotus, Daedelus, Gaslamp Killer, Ras_G, AWOL One, D-Styles, or The Grouch (to name a few), you owe thanks to Daddy Kev in one way or another. This isn't even mentioning that he is the "Daddy" of one of the most well-recognized and respected hip-hop events in the world, Low End Theory. Listing this man's achievements is like staring LA's underground hip-hop movement in the face. His label, Alpha Pup, is after all responsible for the distribution of FlyLo's famous Brainfeeder label, with releases from worldwide stars such as France's Mr. Oizo.

     Daddy's DJ sets at Low End are always well received, and after seeing a few of them, you can tell without looking when he's on deck. Always surprising, never stale, with a constant flow and thought-provoking vibe. Anyway, you get the point, the man is a legend.

You'll be glad to know that you can enjoy the Low End Theory vibe anywhere in the world with internet access, thanks to the monthly Low End Theory podcast.

Featured below are mixes from Daddy Kev featuring Daedelus and Nocando:
Low End Theory Podcast - Episode V: Daddy Kev and Daedelus by Daddy Kev
(Alternative link, since Soundcloud is crashing a lot today)
Low End Theory Podcast - Episode XIII: Daddy Kev and Nocando by Daddy Kev
(Alternative link, again in case soundcloud continues being all buggy today)

and one of my favorites of the podcasts, Daddy Kev and my good friend Will W., aka Baths:
MP3 Link

Monday, March 14, 2011

March Shows (Updated Regularly)


2nd Street Mash-Up
  • Frenetic 
  • Ohmen 
  • Lush 
  • Cross 
  • EdRoc 
  • MC Kemst 
2nd Street Jazz (18+, FREE)
366 E. 2nd St. 
LA, CA 90012

RPM Presents: Jungle Sounds

  • M27 b2b Kaboom
  • DVDA (Jona & Neuropunk)
  • Gone Jahmen Crew
  • Iron Butterfly b2b Capt. Mordrum
2J's (21+, FREE)
120 W. Houston Ave
Fullterton, CA 92832

3/17 (St. Patty's Day!)

Bell Ringer Records Presents: Let It Ring
  • Direct Feed
  • Celerity
  • VIP Hacks
  • Blang + Rokstdy
  • Logikal + Sharps (MC Sub-DNA)
  • Drum Assassinz
  • MC's: Werd, Type, Snype, Envy, React
  • Live art, photography,  giveaways, drink specials
Avalon Bar
820 W. 19th St.
Costa Mesa, CA 92627


Upgrade Presents: Sub Chamber Recordings
  • 6blocc b2b SixFootUnda
  • Woes
  • Moh Fiya
  • Werd
  • SQL
  • Agez
  • MK Ultra
  • Type
  • Luminous 
  • R3act
$5 w/ RSVP to Upgrade
Malone's (21+)
604 E. Dyer
Santa Ana, CA

Vital Signz Presents: Sacred Sounds
  • Deco
  • Ghost MD b2b Animate
  • Keep Deep
  • Audio Angel (host)
$5 before 11, $10 after (21+)
$10 all night (18+)
2nd Street Jazz
366 E. 2nd St.
LA, CA 90012

Sorry About the Short Break

Neglected to let you all know that i'd be in Vegas for my birthday this past weekend... anyway, I'm working on an update for all upcoming March shows, so keep an eye open!

Oh and today is π (pi) day, so eat some pie or think about infinity for a little while.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Screwface Tonight!

If you're already a fan of Pure Filth, you know that they had the best system out of all the underground events. Now that they're playing clubs and warehouses, the sound is even better!

Screwface is tonight, and the lineup is:

  • DJ LEE (Atlas Recordings)
  • 6BLOCC (Digital 6, 6Dub)
  • THAVIUS BECK (Mush Records, Big Dada)
  • NOVOCAINE9 (Pure Filth, Sub/Mutanz)
  • KEMST (Bassface)
  • + OICHO (WorKhouse) on live video mapping
So not my favorite lineup, but should still be a wall-shaker. All of the Bassface crew are local Angelenos so show some support!

Club Gabah is located at 4916 Hollywood Blvd (between Edgemont & Kenmore). Venue is 21+ and cover is $10. Valet parking is available for $5 or there is parking on the side streets.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Subsonic Tour Rolls Through Hollywood

The Subsonic Tour comes to Hollywood at the Music Box tonight!

The lineup is hard dubstep, with Rottun Records sending down it's major players: Antiserum, Downlink, and the DJ voted #2 on the DSF awards, Excision.

So if that's your cup of tea, you won't want to miss the show tonight, as the master of brostep struts his stuff.

Tickets are no longer available online, but I have confirmed that they're still available at the door, for a limited time.

Subsonic Tour
The Music Box
6126 Hollywood Blvd. @ Gower
Hollywood, CA

Low End Theory 3/9/11 Wrap-Up

Yet another amazing night at the Airliner! Starting to realize that Low End is starting to be for electronic music what CBGB was for punk. Every wednesday there are some truly amazing new sounds being brought out.

Last night posed a rather significant surprise, because as you can see... nowhere on the lineup yesterday did I mention that the legendary THOM YORKE was going to pull a surprise DJ set! That's right, the main man from Radiohead jumped on stage, and when I realized who it was my heart kind of fluttered, and I was very confused. Suddenly I felt like an idiot for not deciphering the tweet from Flying Lotus, telling everyone not to miss LET "Thomorrow". Cheeky!

Anyway, I don't even need to tell you that his set was as amazing as it was strange, including the remix of Fela Kuti's "Zombie"at the end of this post.

Other highlights included LA's own Heru, who played his usual woofer-thumping set. The legends of LA are starting to form, and Heru may join the ranks of Gaslamp&Co. before the end of the year is upon us.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

LA Artist Feature - Phigure

Phigure is young deep dubstep artist from San Clemente. Although relatively unknown, his beats are known and respected highly in the online community DubstepForum (DSF).
He gained a lot of notoriety when he had no music posted and was challenged to a friendly tune battle by a producer known as SiderealDB. Phigure wasn't enthusiastic about the idea, but obliged and put forth his tune for consideration.
He won by a landslide, receiving more than twice the votes of Sidereal, and proved that he wasn't just a random face on DSF, but a quality producer from here in SoCal.

The tune he won with was a work in progress when he submitted it, but is still incredible. And the good news is that he has it up for free listening and downloading on his soundcloud:
Phigure - Malnourished by Phigure

Check him out!

For more info/contact on Phigure, keep an eye on his website, It's still under construction but you're going to want to be the first to know of any updates!


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