Monday, November 21, 2011

Free Slugabed Jams

No, he's not giving out jars of preserves. This is a quick update while I write up today's Artist Radar (it's a goodun).

UK beatsmith Slugabed must be in the Christmas spirit, because he recently broadcast via assorted social media outlets that every monday between now and the holidays he will be releasing free tunes.

So here's today's free tune, entitled KITTENS, which he says is an old tune that never saw the light of day:


which he paired with a photo of himself dressed as a daffodil:

The tune isn't exactly my favorite Slugabed tune by any measure, but hey, free Sluga is free Sluga.

Click on the down arrow in the soundcloud player to grab it, or click here if you don't feel like scrolling up.


  1. Thanks for sharing this man, great stuff.

  2. I like it enough. And every Monday? That's how you make Monday's happy.

  3. Once the beat dropped I hated it less. The high pitch samples really grate on me.

  4. Kittens huh, cat liked that. But found this one just okay, was a little put off by the overall just computer sound a like vibe.

  5. The tune wasn't my fav, but LOVED the picture...that looked like one wasted daffodil (or bushy bunny) lol.


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