Sunday, November 20, 2011

Access the New Youtube Homepage (Pre-Release!) +Sinjin Hawke

Found this neat little trick to check out the new Youtube homepage...

1. go to youtube
2. press CNTRL+SHIFT+J if you're on PC (Chrome) CNTRL+SHIFT+K PC (Firefox), press OPTION+CMD+J if you're on Mac (chrome)
3. paste


into the console
4. press Enter
5. close the console and reload the page

And whammo! Brand spankin new weird and wacky Youtube homepage.

If the new and strangeness of it freaks you out, don't worry, clearing your cookies (specifically the VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE cookie) will make it go back to the old homepage.

If you tie this in with the Cosmic Panda video viewer, it's like a whole new Youtube!

A few people already have it, as Youtube is rolling it out gradually, but this is the chance for the rest of us to check it out!

...What's that? Oh, you want music? Umm, well how about you preview Sinjin Hawke's new EP The Lights (Out December 5th, preorder here)

01 - Shadows
02 - Like That
03 - Crystal Dust
04 - The Ballad Of Martyn Bootyspoon
05 - Crimson Tides
06 - Crusade
07 - Love Is On Your Side
08 - Outro


  1. Cool track! Very outer-space like.

  2. Didn't really like the new Youtube style, I can't seem to access subscriptions easily. Also great music as always quite.

  3. I'll pass, I'll get it when I get it.

  4. Here we go again, screwing with something that isn't broken. Looks rather strange too, interesting track.

  5. Too busy admiring the new youtube page, but I'll give the music a listen later on :P

  6. I kind of believe if something isn't broken then don't fix it but thanks for the tip regardless buddy. The music is all good too!

  7. I thought Youtube was fine the way it was, but, whatever. I guess it's not a drastic change. I can live with it.

    Also, that track didn't get me right away, but as I was listening to it, it snared me in. Now I'm a fan.

  8. nice, nice, nice, nice, raally nice track! :P

  9. I prefer the old youtube page actually..

    Thanks for the comment :) Glad you liked the story!

  10. I'll deal with youtube when it hits me. I'm patient. As for that EP, I want it and it's not out yet and that's upsetting.


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