Monday, September 12, 2011

Tour Radar - Mochipet

Today we have something different for you, a Tour Radar, or a Tourdar, if you will.

I know I have readers from all over the place with all sorts of different tastes, so if this connects with even one person then my work here is done.

Mochipet (our talented, dinosaur clad fried who we first encountered here, if you remember) is going on tour through September to promote that very same album.

Tour dates/locations are as follows:

Sep 14 - Durango, CO @ The Abbey Theatre
Sep 15 - Fort Collins, CO @ Aggie Theatre
Sep 16 - Denver, CO @ Summit Music Hall
Sep 17 - Flagstaff, AZ @ Green
Sep 24 - Oakland, CA @ Oracle Arena - Lovevolution
Sep 29 - St. Louis, MO @ Old Rock House
Sep 30 - Columbia, MO @ Mojo's
Oct 1 - Lawrence, KS @ The Bottleneck
Oct 7 - Portland, OR @ The Crown Room

So if you're near any of those locations at the given dates, you'll want to hop on over and rock out.

In case you need a refresher of what his music entails, here's his album preview:

Mochipet - Chicxulub Preview Mix (OUT 8/16 on 1320 Records) by Mochipet


  1. I'm moving to AZ but not until the week after that :(

  2. Sadly i don't think he's ever coming to Argentina.

  3. Columbia MO isn't too far from me...if i find the cash I might go

  4. Funny because I used to live in Denver. Nowhere near me now.

  5. If anybody like that is ever NEAR me, I'll go. It won't happen though.

  6. wrong side of the continent for me

  7. good one. I agree with refreshing part.

  8. Unfortunately not coming near me, but I absolutely appreciate being exposed to new musicians. That't not even my general style of music, but good is good, and that's really a fun listen.

  9. I'd go, if I was in any of those.. Or even half as close from where I am, a shame.

  10. Wrong side of the world for me. I'm afraid.


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