Sunday, April 3, 2011

LA Artist Feature - Sun Araw

Awash in a sea of confusion when I first arrived in LA, there was no better shows to escape the sudden rush of people and traffic better than Sun Araw (War Anus) down the street in Long Beach.

Seeing Sun Araw live feels as much like a dream as reality, and high energy never came easy. It felt a bit like drowning in codeine syrup, you struggle at first, and then eventually realize it feels better to be in the syrup than out of it.

Cameron really pulls out the tropical nature of SoCal in his music, and almost gives you the impression of sleepwalking through a luau. This is especially strange because he originally hails from Austin, TX, which is anything but tropical.

His music feels a bit like you're searching for some sort of hidden revelation amongst some ancient ruins on a desert island, among many other conjurations your mind will develop while being sunk into the vibes.

Catch him LIVE at Low End Theory @ The Airliner this Wednesday!

Sun Araw's Official Website


  1. Fucking love this guy, no idea what you're review was about though lol.

  2. Not really my style, but I can appreciate it. Videos are trippy as fuck!


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